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Comedy Scripts

Cell Phones   3m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by runnr4lfe77
Barbie   3m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by HaleyCalderon
All Is Well   Unknown   / Comedy Skits   ~ by chidem
Job Interview   2m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by bkuniverse
Trapped in a Monologue   7m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by Jalvarez42
The Waiter & The Customer   1.5m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by captainmo
Facebook   2.5m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by restisaweapon
What? Watt? Where? Ware?   5m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by thomgoddard
Do I Know You?   2m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by soccerplayer420...
Starbucks     / Comedy Monologues   ~ by restisaweapon
Dissecting The Chicken Joke   5m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by thomgoddard
Unacceptable Grade   3m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by kacykiki
The Package   10m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by cinderella
Harry Potter- The True Story   2.5m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by Imthelordunicorn
Worst Audition Ever!   1.5m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by gabbygirl980
Dead Man Talking   30-60m   / Sitcoms / Stage Plays   ~ by thomgoddard
Forgetful Husband   3m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by bkuniverse
Children at Restaurants   3m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by lkodua
Doctors and Kidney   5m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by ballekumar
Im Not Going to Write a Monolouge   3.5m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by Anonymous (not verified)
Let's Eat Brains   2.5m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by Jalvarez42
Glasses   1m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by MidnightMusic
A Job Interview (Part 2)   6m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by Danijel
Date Mistake   2.5m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by Imthelordunicorn
Confused Teen   1.5m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by odovewriter
Texting   2.5m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by restisaweapon
Grandparents-They Say We Need Help   1.5m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by Rainfire
Can You Spell That For Me?   2m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by ormondjr
Nagging Wife   5m   / Comedy Skits   ~ by bkuniverse
Problem Parents   2m   / Comedy Monologues   ~ by Grizze30
Forget About It   6m   / Comedy Skits
The Walk of Life     / Comedy Skits
Intercomedian Pilot   Unknown   / Comedy Skits
Another Romeo   5m   / Comedy Skits
Prince Charming   2.5m   / Comedy Monologues
The Walking Skank   1.5m   / Comedy Skits
Dine Out   1m   / Comedy Monologues
Worst Employee   1m   / Comedy Monologues
Things That Happen On A Training Course   2m   / Comedy Skits
Politico 2016   3m   / Comedy Skits
How To Get A Shed Of The Competition   5m   / Comedy Skits
Trump University Senior Seminar   2.5m   / Comedy Monologues
Who's on 1st? The 21st Century GPS edition   2m   / Comedy Skits
Norman Allguy: Moral compass for Rent!   2m   / Comedy Skits
Tea Leaves and Sympathy (Written for Radio)   10-30m   / Sitcoms / Stage Plays
Kitty 6 (The EU)   5m   / Comedy Monologues
Syphilis Seph   Unknown   / Comedy Skits
Understanding the Game of Golf   3m   / Comedy Monologues
There Can Be Only One   10m   / Comedy Skits
Janitor (Saw Parody)   Unknown   / Comedy Skits
News Today   2.5m   / Comedy Skits
The Incident in the Dining   1m   / Funny Stories
So Obamish   3m   / Comedy Monologues
So Trumpy   3.5m   / Comedy Monologues
the Jerry Duncan Show   7m   / Comedy Skits
I Love Being Crazy   2.5m   / Comedy Monologues
Modern Forest Gump   2.5m   / Comedy Skits
Absolutely Worthless   2.5m   / Comedy Skits
The Perks of Mental Illness   3.5m   / Comedy Monologues