Do I Know You?

Do I Know You?

(2m)   by Skyler McKinnon

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I never know what to say when someone randomly says to me "I know someone who looks like you". I mean, what are you supposed to say? Oh, well ok....tell em hi. I find it weird when that strange old lady walks up to me in the store and goes "You look just like my grandaughter" I'm thinking umm is that good or bad? and then I start judging what the gradaughter might look like based on how the gradma looks...umm creepy...anyways just because I look like her gradaughter doesn't give her the right to talk to me...and touch my hair while saying "she has hair just like yours too" next thing you know, i'm super weirded out so I walk away.

I never even recognize when I look like someone. I'll be out somewhere and be all like....hahaha! Look at that guy, who does that dork look like?" and then sadly realize... "OH MY GOSH!...that freak looks like me!" eh....what are you gonna do?

Once, while shopping in Walmart with my little sister...minding my own business, some crazy old bat stalks up to me and asks if my little sister is my child. Now i'm thinking eww! Gross! but just for fun....I say yes to see what she says...and next thing you know....i'm being scolded by this looney tune for being too young to have a kid...all I can say is....Get used to it lady! Cuz that's what this generation is ALL about! I can see why she thought my sister was my kid....she only looked a little bit like me and she acts like a brat but hey...don't tell her I said that. ;)

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All that stuff actually happened...shamefully haha you gotta love it.

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Tanya (not verified)
Hello Skyler, May I have permission to use your monologue for an audition? i would greatly appreciate it! Thank you, Tanya

Skyler McKinnon
Hey Tanya, I would love for you to use it. :) You'll do great! Keep laughing! Skyler.

Paige (not verified)
Hi Skyler, may I use your monologue also? I really enjoy it! Thanks, Paige

Skyler McKinnon
Sure thing paige! :) Are you doing an audition? Keep laughing, Skyler.

Paige (not verified)
Yep! i'm so excited I can't wait!

Skyler McKinnon
well, good luck! i wish you the best! you'll do great! :D! Keep laughing! Skkyler.

amanda (not verified)
hi skyler can i use your monologue its so funny

Hi skyler, i love your monologue its so funny! my friends have seen it and they think its funny too aha I was wondering if i could use it for an audition im doing? thankyou, gabby

Skyler McKinnon
Hey Gabby, I'm so glad you liked my monologue! Sure you can use it. Keep laughing! Skyler.

Skyler McKinnon
Hey Amanda, What would you like to use my monologue for? Are you doing an audition?

Linette (not verified)
Heyy Skyler!! I love this monologue! Can i please use it for my audition? we're doing legally blonde and this is perfect! :D Please and thank you, Linette

Skyler McKinnon
Hey Linette! I'm so glad you liked my monologue!! :) I love Legally Blonde haha it's a hilarious movie...i'd love for you to use it. Keep laughing!! Skyler. :)

Christie (not verified)
Hi ... my son has an audition today and would like to use this as his monologue. Is that ok?

Skyler McKinnon
Hey Christie! That would be perfectly fine :) Wish him luck for me! Keep laughing! Skyler! :)

Tanya (differen... (not verified)
Hey Skyler this is the best monologue I've ever read! May i please use it! I'm auditioning for a play (Jungle Book)! Thanks i would appreciate it greatly.

Nat (not verified)
Hellou~ I love your monoloque, Skyler!! I'd love to use it, if you don't mind :3 Have you made any more? Would be awesome to see more of your work~!!

Skyler McKinnon
Hey (different Tanya) haha :) I appreciate the praise! It certainly made me smile... I'd love for you to use my monologue. I actually performed the Jungle Book once! It was great fun! Keep laughing! Skyler.

Skyler McKinnon
Hey Nat! :) I'm glad you like my monologue :) What would you like to use it for? Yes, I do have more monologues...just click on my name in red at the top of this monologue and it should take you to see the rest of my scripts. Keep laughing! Skyler.

Liv (not verified)
Hey Skyler I REALLY NEED THIS MONOLOGUE can i please use it ;) thanks so much ps. its for an audition for the musical the newsies

Skyler McKinnon
Hey liv. Go ahead! and Good luck! keep laughing.. skyler.

OMG!!! this made me LOL. i <3 this script its hilarious. Is it alright if i use it?

Ashley (not verified)
Hey Skyler, this monologue is awesome!! Can I use this for an audition?

Leah (not verified)
Hi, Skyler! Could we use your idea of the "Do I Know You" for our web show??? It would mean alot, Thanks! -Leah Dottney

I love your monologue, Skyler !! xD Can I use this for my drama class?

Becky (not verified)
Heey skyler, do you mind if I use it for an audition too?xx :)

Brian (not verified)
hi skyler, i really like the comedy in it would you mind letting me use to for my drama class?

Megan (not verified)
Hi Skyler,can I please use your monologue for my drama class, i love it :)

Emily (not verified)
Hello Skyler. I enjoyed your monologue.May I use it for an audition I have?

Chii~* (not verified)
hello creator of this monolouge!!! tnx so much!!my mom used it for us 6th graders for our declamation at school.this is awesome!!! T^T ?????? then i should be an overacting girl ryt? to act this one ??

Sinead (not verified)
Hello Skyler, May i use your monologue in a performance for my drama class? Its really good :) Sinead

Skyler McKinnon
I have not been on for a long time. Everyone who commented to use this for a drama class or audition. I would be honored for you to use this monologue. Thank you Chii for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Keep laughing everyone! <3 Skyler.

Jamie (not verified)
Hey this was AWESOME :) may i use it fo an audition

zenab (not verified)
this monologue is tooo funny, may i have permission to use it please for my audition 4 a college.

Julius Maloy (not verified)
Hello Mr. Skyler. I was looking at this monologue and I would like to ask you if I could use it for an audition that I have to do for this school I'm thinking of going to. Thxs!

corey patterson (not verified)
Hi! I came across your monologue and its great! I was hoping I could use it for theatre class if you allow! Thanks.

Elizabeth Shihadeh (not verified)
This is the first humorous monologue that I actually laughed at and totally related to! Awesome! May I use it for my acting class? I know theyll get a kick out of it! =D

Hi Skyler may I pretty please use this for my audition?

Skyler McKinnon
Hey guys! I apologize for not responding sooner. I do not mind that you all use my material. (: Enjoy it! Make it your own :P Shout out to Elizabeth Shihadeh: Thank you! That means a lot and i'm glad you think so! Live like you're dying people! Keep laughing, <3 Skyler.

sam (not verified)
is this meant for a girl???

may i use this monologue?

Eli (not verified)
Most of the monologues I have read did not make me laugh at all, this made me laugh so much. May I please use this for a pageant I am planning to join?

Mac (not verified)
Hey skyler can I use your script for a little skit that I am doing.

Skyler McKinnon
Mble, Eli and mac; I would love for you to use my monologue! and sam, well...I am a girl! haha but you can fix to be 'gender correct".

Krystal (not verified)
Hey Skyler! I love the monologue! I see that you previously said that it was okay if people could used your monologue..but I just wanted to check again! I'm doing a skit and would love to use it, if it's okay with you! Thanks, Krystal :)

Hey skyler, after a lonnnngggg time of trying to find a funny monologue for my audition this one would be PERFECT!!! could i use it? Thanks, codi :)

Hey can I use this monologue for an audition for my school play? I loved this monologue. I think it would be perfect. Please respond before Sunday cause that is when I need it. Respond asap.

Amy (not verified)
Hi Skyler, can I use this for an audition I'm doing? It would be perf. Thanks :)

Anthony (not verified)
Can I use your monologue? I've got a feeling that it would be much funnier if it was a dude talking...

Hi Skyler! I was wondering if I could use your monologue for a audition for my high school's play? Thanks! :)

to be countinued... (not verified)
heyyyy is it ok to use this for my audition? and i was reading through the comments and you said yes to everyone who asked if they could use this so then why is it private? im not trying to be mean or anything i was just wondering thanks:)

Canopy (not verified)
Awsome! Can I use this for school?

Abe (not verified)
Can I use this Monologues its jokes???

Hey may I use this in my talent show? I would sooooo love for my mom to hear this, similar stuff happened to me too! Thanks :)

Ryder (not verified)
may i use this for my audition? please and thank you :)

Emma C (not verified)
HAHAHAHAAHA! I absolutely loved this monlogue! And with that I was wondering if you would be willing to let me use it for an audtion?? I really liked and it would mean alot if i could. :)

luis (not verified)
may i please use this monologue for my audition please! :) it's the perfect monologue i've found so far ^^

Aisha (not verified)
Hey can I please use your scrip in my talent show for my audition and I'll say it's by you promise :) your an amazing write tho

Skyler McKinnon
Hey, guys! I'd be honored for you to use my monologue. Take it and make the world laugh! Keep smiling, Skyler

Paulette. (not verified)
Hey, Skyler, I loved this monologue! Can I use this for my son's audition?

Natalie (not verified)
Hii, Just wondering can i please act this out for a drama assessment :)? thanks alot! :)

Clo (not verified)
Hi, Skyler, I really like this monologue! Do you mind if I use it for an audition?

Constantin (not verified)
hey would it be possible to use your monologue for an audition ? :)

Keikilani Cabus (not verified)
Aloha, Would it be alright if I used this for my speech class? Mahalo Keikilani

Britney Lewis (not verified)
Hey. Can I use this hilarious monologue of my speech class? Thanks a bunch

Mari (not verified)
School project?

robyn (not verified)
Hi may i use your monologues for my school project its very funny

Grace (not verified)
Hey, i was wondering if i could use this really funny monologue for an audition of Grease? Please?

Taigan Andrus (not verified)
This sounds great! May I use this for an upcoming audition in April??

will padilla (not verified)
Hi Skyler, i wanted to ask you if i may use your monologue for a video?

Hey may I use this monologue for a pageant I'm in? It's super funny (also the only appropriate one i've seen so far)

Marshmallow O. (not verified)
Hey! I LOVE this! Can I use it for an audition?

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