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Cell Phones (3m)
∼by runnr4lfe77    ∼Comedy Monologues 0👍 Xiaoqi Li
Barbie (3m)
∼by Anonymous (not verified)    ∼Comedy Monologues 0👍
Trapped in a Monologue (7m)
∼by Jalvarez42    ∼Comedy Monologues 0👍 Jeremy Alvarez
Job Interview (2m)
∼by bkuniverse    ∼Comedy Skits 0👍 Balle Kumar's Universe
Facebook (2.5m)
∼by restisaweapon    ∼Comedy Monologues 1👍 Don McDonald
What? Watt? Where? Ware? (5m)
∼by thomgoddard    ∼Comedy Skits 0👍 Thom Goddard
Dissecting The Chicken Joke (5m)
∼by thomgoddard    ∼Comedy Skits 0👍 Thom Goddard
The Waiter & The Customer (1.5m)
∼by captainmo    ∼Comedy Skits 0👍 Morgan Fisher
The Walk of Life
∼by thomgoddard    ∼Comedy Skits 0👍 Thom Goddard
Flat Track Jack (4m)
∼by dbjohns    ∼Short Comedy Movies 0👍 David Johns
Intercomedian Pilot (Unknown)
∼by andriaarchibald...    ∼Comedy Skits 0👍 AL Archi
Awesome (2.5m)
∼by balduini1    ∼Comedy Monologues 0👍 balduini
Another Romeo (5m)
∼by odcabob    ∼Comedy Skits 0👍 Oliva Bob
The Walking Skank (1.5m)
∼by ricardo360x    ∼Comedy Skits 0👍 RicardoDespradel


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