Dissecting The Chicken Joke

Dissecting The Chicken Joke

(5m)   by thomgoddard

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Two people stand in a hallway.
One turns to the other: 1. I've got a joke for you.

2. Oh yeah?

1. Why did the chicken cross the road?

2. Do you mean "For what purpose" did the chicken cross the road?

1. Yes.

2. Oh ok.

1. So "For what purpose" did the chicken cross the road?

2. Are we talking about one of us who's afraid of a bully or an actual chicken?

1. An actual bird brain.

2. So you.

1. Ha ha. No, a feathered, two-legged, egg-creating, winged creature.

2. Oh, a gallus gallus domesticus

1. A what?

2. The scientific name for chicken.

1. Oh... then yes. A gall... gall... domestic-thing.

2. Gallus Gallus Domesticus.

1. Gallus Gallus Domesticus.

2. Perfect.

1. Ok then.

2. What?

1. So... "For what purpose" did the "Gallus Gallus Domesticus" cross the road?

2. Oh right. In what sense "cross"?

1. Eh?

2. Well did they upset it, step on its toe or steal some money?

1. What are you talking about?

2. In what way did they make the road cross?

1. No, no, no. Went across. From one side to the other.

2. Oh... Peregrinate.

1. What?

2. Decussate.

1. Are you speaking English?

2. Yes, of course. How about "Traverse"

1. Yes, that's it. "Traverse from one side to the other"

2. Ah, now I get it.

1. So?

2. So?

1. Don't make me say it again.

2. Oh... "For what purpose" did the "Gallus Gallus Domesticus" "Traverse" the road?

1. Yes. That's it!

2. Ah... but.

1. No "buts".

2. What do you mean "road"?

1. Everyone knows roads. The things people drive on. With cars. Or lorries. Or buses. Or... wait, you've got me doing it now.

2. Doing "it" what?

1. It doesn't matter. Back to "Road". What don't you understand about "Road"?

2. Well, I can assume you mean asphalt highway.

1. Yes...

2. But...

1. I said no "buts"

2. What if its aspirational. Like dreams or desires?

1. I don't know what you're talking about.

2. You know. "The road to El Dorado".˜

1. Where?

2. El Dorado. The city of gold.

1. Oh. But what's that got to do with...

2. There is no actual city. "The Road to El Dorado" is a metaphor for our path through life to achieve enlightenment.

1. Ok. In fact, I can't say anything because I don't even know where we are.

2. The road. An asphalt highway or a higher extension...

1. Don't finish that sentence! An asphalt highway.

2. Thank you for clearing that up.

1. No problem. So?

2. So... what?

1. So... "For what purpose" did the "Gallus Gallus Domesticus" "Traverse" the "Asphalt Highway"?

2. Hmmm... I do not know.

1. To get to the other side!!!

2. The other side?

1. Yes!

2. The etherial plain or the juxtapose of where they set forth?

1. What? Oh... what now?

2. Well, are they looking to move on to a life beyond our mortal existence?

1. WHAT?

2. Are they looking to end their life? Die. And then move on to the etherial plain. Or Heaven. You know get to "The Other Side".

1. Erm... I don't know.

2. Or the exact opposite of where their journey began from one edge of the asphalt highway to the other edge?

1. Erm... I think the second one. But now I don't know.˜

2. Well, I think you should find out before you starting asking me questions.

1. I wasn't asking you a question! Look it's a classic joke - "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

2. You mean: For what purpose did the Gallus Gallus Domesticus traverse the asphalt highway?

1. Exactly!

2. Why?

1. "To get to the other side!"

2. You mean: To reach the etherial plain.

1. No.

2. Or: To reach the juxtapose position from which they began.

1. NO! NO! NO!

2. Well... if you're going to tell a joke at least tell it properly.

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I LOVE IT! Hilarious.

Hey Thom! I was wondering if i could use this for a project in my school! Thanks, Jenna Miller

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can I use this at my school? Sorry but I don't know how to contact you other than through the comments

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Hey, I was wondering if me and my friend could use this as a dialogue for our drama class project? Thanks! PS It was really funny!!

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J Fill (not verified)
thats really funny never thoght of that joke like that before

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PLEASE, may i use this for a YouTube vid, it would be epic.

of course

Hello thom, i love this script, may i use this for my drama class, Please and thank you. :)

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Hey Thom! Loved this skit. My friend and I are wondering if we could use this for as a class project. It would be much appreciated, thanks!

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hey,am doing animations and i would love 2 try this one out.dyu have more funny scripts ?i can get some voice over and animate them

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May I use this AMAZING script for my forensics competion!

Taylor Midkiff (not verified)
Thank you!

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Felicia (not verified)
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Andrea (not verified)
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William and Carlo (not verified)
It's a school speech tournament :p

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Hi Thom, I have to do a reflection on this piece that I am presenting and need to include author details. I was just wondering if there was any specific inspiration for this skit, as well of any general biography type stuff. I completely understand if you are not willing to share any of this information over the internet. Any thing is appreciated! Thank you.

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FilmkoFilms (not verified)
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FilmkoFilms (not verified)
Hi there, we were wondering if we could use this script for one of our youtube skits.

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Salzige Kartoffel (not verified)
Thank you so much!

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Bean (not verified)
Hey, I was wondering can me and my best friend use this skit for a "speech meet" competition at our school?? We both read it and thought it was super funny, this is so my friend and I on a daily basis!!!! Thanks

@Bean - use it and I hope you and your best friend make people laugh.

Hi Thom, Love the script! Hilarious stuff! May I use it for a short skit I'll be shooting? It would really help shine some light on my reelz project Thank you

I would like to use this in a video I am working on.

@sarge134 - sweet, send me a link when it's done. And remember to give credit. Cheers

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My daughter and her friend would like to use this for an elementary school talent for their comedy act. please.

@Laura - of course, I hope they leave them laughing.

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@4Hers - sure, love 4-H, hope it goes brilliantly.

Hey do you Mind If I use This For A YouTube Video. I'll Give You Credit.

@Robin - that's fine. Plse send me a link as I love to see the work. All best,

@thomgoddard I know it's probably been years since you got a comment on this, but if you're still there, I was wondering if I could use this beautiful piece of work for my Spanish project. I'd give credit, but I would probably need to change up a few things since it'll be spoken all in Spanish. I quick reply would be loved. Thank you. Cheers!

*Been a while {I just noticed a comment from this year, whoops.}

@SilDaHarris - that is no problem. I hope it goes well.

Would it be possible to use this piece for an outdoor radio drama style comedy night? It will be free for the community audience. We will be thanking the authors through our MC at the beginning of the evening. Thank you for considering our request. flatlands theatre company

Haniyyah Ruzman
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@Haniyyah - please do and good luck!!!

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@ILaffwithU - yes indeed, go all the way. And give credit, of course!

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@Holly Piotrowski - it's easy, just message me through iComedy.

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