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Comedy Monologues

Funny Monologues, Stand up Comedy Script, Humorous Speeches

The Speech  (1m )  ~by  Josh
Awesome  (2.5m )  ~by  balduini1
Prince Charming  (2.5m )  ~by  ricardo360x
Dine Out  (1m )  ~by  the.designer
Worst Employee  (1m )  ~by  amanduh
Thoughts of an Idiot in Love  (2.5m )  ~by  ColdPickle
Trump University Senior Seminar  (2.5m )  ~by  RichardM83
The D. Trump Zombie Brigade  (2m )  ~by  Paxton55
Kitty 6 (The EU)  (5m )  ~by  Tobiascordingley
McDonalds Anti-Banter  (1.5m )  ~by  JohnnyK
Understanding the Game of Golf  (3m )  ~by  thomgoddard
Roman Empire  (1.5m )  ~by  JohnnyK
So Trumpy  (3.5m )  ~by  adamappleton
So Obamish  (3m )  ~by  adamappleton
The Teacher  (1m )  ~by  KitKat_and_Cat
Oh, The Mentally Ill Life  (1.5m )  ~by  amanduh
I Love Being Crazy  (2.5m )  ~by  amanduh
Flaunt What You've Got  (1m )  ~by  amanduh
The Perks of Mental Illness  (3.5m )  ~by  amanduh
Issues of the World  (Unknown )  ~by  Officer1774
Funny Family Folk  (1.5m )  ~by  LouiseGibbyGibson
I Suppose a Sock's Out of The Question?  (2.5m )  ~by  rmarguerie
Kneel Before Dad Bod  (1.5m )  ~by  rmarguerie
It's Gladiator Meets Mary Poppins  (2m )  ~by  rmarguerie
Banana Voodoo  (5m )  ~by  nickjohnwhittle
The Funeral Wake  (5m )  ~by  nickjohnwhittle
Blow Out Tantrum  (2m )  ~by  alyssa.ford2015
Modern Romeo  (2m )  ~by  alyssa.ford2015
I'm Back!  (1.5m )  ~by  alyssa.ford2015
The Grammar Police - Comic Monologue 0013  (1m )  ~by  the.designer
Father's Day Oh Yeah  (1m )  ~by  the.designer
The Curious Title : UX Designer  (1.5m )  ~by  the.designer
The Name Tag  (1.5m )  ~by  the.designer
The Bothering Son  (1m )  ~by  the.designer
Conundrum in Trigonometry  (1.5m )  ~by  the.designer
The Baffling F Word  (1m )  ~by  the.designer
Totally Me  (2.5m )  ~by  Ianick
My Best Friend Has A Boyfriend  (Unknown )  ~by  gabiavella
Bugs  (2.5m )  ~by  Simmonsa1851
Pink Honor  (2.5m )  ~by  Jenaelah
Nervous Peer  (4m )  ~by  noahgragg24
What If I Hit The Skunk  (7m )  ~by  Fun4all
"Sir, You Have Been Randomly Selected"  (3.5m )  ~by  amaldutt
The Magician  (1.5m )  ~by  mikolaj1953
Rap God  (2m )  ~by  TheNoahBennett
The Red Scare  (2.5m )  ~by  TheNoahBennett
Stress  (Unknown )  ~by  MariaLG91
Pablo the Salesman  (2m )  ~by  bkuniverse