The Waiter & The Customer

The Waiter & The Customer

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Waiter: Hi welcome, we like to make sure our customer is satisied here at TGI-
Customer: yeah that's fine and dandy but I don't care. Can I get a coke?
Waiter: oh is pepsi okay?
Customer: You know what I’ll just get a burger.
Waiter: ribs okay?
Customer: Just tell me where the restroom is
Waiter: Is bathroom okay?
Customer: Whatever just tell me where it is
Waiter: Okay you are going to take a left and the bathroom is on the right, unless you are sitting on the left side then the mens room is on the LEFT and the bathroom is on the right
Customer: let me speak to your manager
Waiter: Supervisor okay?
Supervisor: Is there a problem sir?
Customer: Yes this waiter has really been anoying me
waiter: Is pestering okay
Customer: See he won’t give me what I want
Waiter: Is what you need okay
Customer: See?
Supervisor: I can’t see but I have examined your perspective
Customer: I have been completely unsatisfied
Supervisor: That is unacceptable, here at T.G.I Tuesday-
Customer: Wait I thought this was TGI Friday’s
Supervisor: Oh no we are their spin off TGI Tuesdays
Customer: okay I’ll just go to olive garden
Waiter: Is sizzler okay?
Customer: you know what yes it is okay
Waiter: Oh sorry it’s closed
Customer: (screams) I can’t take it anymore, I can’t have coke I have to have pepsi, I can’t have a burger I have to have ribs, I can’t use the bathroom I have to use the men’s room, I can’t even talk to the manager I have to settle for a supervisor?
Supervisor: hey I’m right here
Customer: I don’t care anymore I just want to eat, I’m going to mcdonalds
Waiter: is burger king okay
Customer: NO!!!!!!

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It IS okay to put this script into a video, all you have to do is letting me know you're doing so, give me credit for it, and send me the link of the final cut! Also sorry if there are any mistakes in the script i usually write these late at night and don't proofread a lot.

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Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

Ishita (not verified)
It's funny and to good. I like it . Irritating waiter is so nice by this waiter this gossip has rocked up

You know what I found funny about it? I was once in a place like that! not quite like it but very very close. I felt identified, ja ja ja. Good job dude!

anonymous (not verified)
its Osum... wonderful thinking...keep it up

Bieber4ev3r (not verified)
This ish hillarious!!! i luv it!! Do you mind if me and my friends make a video using this script? I most likely wont post the video on youtube.

Order Levitra (not verified)
Hi, pretty good post with hilarious stuff . I realyy enjoyed reading your post. i must appreciate the co writer "Jhalen" for such exciting thoughts and putting it on paper.

Order Levitra, how do you know what jhalen did?

sara (not verified)
HI there, I was wondering if you would allow me to use this script for a youtube video I want to make? Of coarse you would be credited...let me know! :)

yes, sara you may use my script

may (not verified)
can me and my friend plz use ur script 4 our video on youtube ... we will give credit 4 it

Go ahead, and have fun

Cung (not verified)
I lke it ^_^ do u thnk i'll be able to use it for a shrt vids some day??

Go ahead just give me credit

Hi Morgan! I was wondering if it would be possible for me to use your script in a scene? Of course, credits will be given.

Of course you may :)

Flagmere (not verified)
You said that its not TGI Fridays its TGI Tuesdays but at the begining it says 'Welcome to TGI Fridays' I would change that if i were you... But in genral great script, clever content, good build up and good structure :)

Christina Ralph (not verified)
I am going to make a video of this. I WILL GIVE YOU FULLL CREDIT (:

Courtney Lay (not verified)
Hey Morgan? Can I use your skit for a radio brodadcast that I have to do for a project? I will give you full credit. Thanks!

Go ahead, have fun Courtney, and you too Christina. And Flagmere I changed it a few days ago, thanks for noticing so i could correct that mistake :)

dezmond (not verified)
this is funny and cool... may i use it for my drama proget... i will say its by you

Yeah go ahead

dezmond (not verified)
thanks they liked it.... thanks your the best... well in my opinion

katie (not verified)
hahahahahahahhahaahahahahahah halarious keep on coming with them

dhivyani (not verified)
i like it . it was beautiful . but i can't under stud the roll of waiter.

Jasmine (not verified)
Hi do you mind if i use the script for a video

Jasmine (not verified)
im going to make the video do you mind if i use it????

Mariah Stewart (not verified)
Do u mind if i use u skit for a comedy night we are hosting at school? I'll give credit where credit is due :)

Everybody can use this script if they give me credit :)

Ladee da da (not verified)
Hi, can i use this ill give u credit? thx :)

bhavana (not verified)
superb its really really very funny. i enjoyed it alot.

martin cephas (not verified)
dude u made me to laugh if its ok with you i'll like to use this for my up coming show called funny people the comedy u grt full credit if u have facebook add me martin cephas

:D I would be honored if you use my script for your show! I'll be sure to record it on TV. I won't be able to see it live because it's my sister's birthday, but i will absolutely watch it

Morgan if you don't mind I would like to use this script. Funny stuff! Let me know and if you do give the info so you can see the final product.

Steph&Cody:D (not verified)
So I would love to use this for a talent show we will give you credit...... I can spell like this.... luv.... gr8.... get ;) hahahah what the heck?!?!?!? We loved it By the way :D

Mademen (not verified)
Sup Morgan i was wondering if i could use our script on a youtube tube video. and yes you will get credit for it beep if you agree.

D'zire (not verified)
This is HILARIOUS!!!! LOL!!!! I would LOVE to give u credit and use this on my radio show! :) Musical Madness with D'zire every other Wed 5pm PST Thnks!!!

Yes you may use this script Mademen, D'zire, and Steph&cody:D

i can see how that would be annoying, intersting script though

trevor (not verified)
i'm auditioning for an acting career and i need to perform a scene with one other person, we were wondering if we could use this? there will be no video or audio recording of any form but i wantted to get the go ahead.

Yes you may use my script. I hope. You have fun and good luck

antonio (not verified)
Hey I was just wondering if I could use your script for my culinary arts project? There will not be a video or sound, but your name will be at the bottom of the script when I turn it in.

sure antonio

Jas (not verified)
Please can I use your script for a school talent show if I give you credit.:-)

Jas (not verified)
please let me know today because i need to practice with my friend tommorow;-(

Go ahead Jas

Jas (not verified)
Thankyou thats great im calling my friend right now!

guest (not verified)
Can I use this for a talent show

guest (not verified)
can you let me know today

guest (not verified)
oh and also I don't really comprehend the part with the mens room

Yes you may guest. And you aren't really supposed to get the part with the men's room that's what makes it some what funny (or at least that's what we tried to do)

guest (not verified)
but what is it. The talent show won't let me do it if it were inappropriate

It's a bathroom. It's not inappropriate.

guest (not verified)

randyorton (not verified)
kacharaaaaaaaa scripyt...................

Kittu (not verified)

madison gpmez (... (not verified)
dis was halarious good work

can i use this for a audition it will have no video or audio??

ShaquitaNichole (not verified)
Hi, I really enjoyed reading your script and would love to use it in upcoming video recordings. I was wondering if I could use ma'am instead of sir in the script and I will definitely give you credit in my description and video!

markau (not verified)
may i please use this skit for a talent show my youth group is doing?

Shawn (not verified)
Could My friends and i use this for our acting class?

Fluffybunny20011 (not verified)
Hi Morgan may I use this as a scipt for YouTube I'll give credits but how? Do I. (if you say yes) say scipt written by Morgan fisher?

Yes that is fine.

Morgan, I'd like to use this script for a variety show at our fine arts school. Is that o.k. with you? I'll credit you.

JBang (not verified)
Morgan we are having a talent show and would like to use your script as a short scene in the show. We will give your credit in the program, is this alright?

vivek.s (not verified)
very good and nice work

Jamie louise (not verified)
hey this is amense!!! Please could i use this, I will change the script a bit and I may or may not put it on youtube. I will give you credit for writing it the original. (:

Can i use this cuz it is funny and i want to do it for the talent show so people can laugh.PLEASE

Go ahead. ANYBODY can use my scripts

Micheal Jensen (not verified)
Hi, this is amazing! Its the funniest on this site, its really funny! Can i use this script for a short film? I will credit you, ofcourse. I dont make any money on it, its just for fun :)

Jerrie (not verified)
Hi, Morgan.I'm Jerrier, an English teacher from China. I love this script. It's hilarious.May I use it as classroom material for my students to perform? And, I really can't comprehend the part with the men's room. :(

Mason (not verified)
Can I use this script please? I will give you credit In my video. :)

shena mae (not verified)
it was nice but i can't understand the point and the purpose of the waiter !!!

this is really funny XD can i please act it in my english interactive?. i would just use it in the class act it no video of it would be recorded :)

Amber McCormick (not verified)
We are using an adaptation of this for an audition video for my 2 friends will give credit.

lexi (not verified)
I loved this can I use it in my talent show

lexi (not verified)
I loved this can I use it in my talent show please

Go ahead Lexi, have fun :)

Brandi Hulsey (not verified)
Hi. My drama club students are trying some improv and we are going to break up our little "performance" with some fun skits! Can my students use this? They love it! :)

script (not verified)
I will give credit. hilarious!

Aman Sharma (not verified)
Hi, its being really amazing i loved it i am planning it for my school skite comepitition.Thanks for uploding it

Aman Sharma (not verified)
Hi, its being really amazing i loved it i am planning it for my school skite comepitition.Thanks for uploding it I ENJOYED IT

Luwam (not verified)
This is amazing and really funny! I love it! Do you mind if me and my friend use this for our class drama presentation. We'll credit you for this amazing thing! Thanks please respond as soon as you can!

Luwam (not verified)
If you can please respond today or tomorrow because I need to practise the script for our presentation. Thanks and like I said it's really funny.

Go for it Luwam. Hope it goes well!

Luwam (not verified)
Do you mind if we add in lines? Because it's a little short. Please respond soon.

Luwam (not verified)
Like not much, just a few so it's enough for our drama presentation and we'll still give credit to you.

Yea, do what you want Luwam.

captainmo do you care if I use this in one of my videos?

Maybe add and replace a couple lines, but you would still get mentioned

Hello, I will use this script and I wont forget to credit you!

Hey Can I use this sketch for my channel? I will credit you of course and give you a shout out!

1.5m Comedy Skits - The Waiter & The Customer