Forgetful Husband

Forgetful Husband

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Wife: Where is the milk?

Husband: Milk! Did you tell me to bring Milk?

Wife: No.

Husband: Then?

Wife: I wrote it on a paper and that paper is still pasted on your sleeve. Did you even read the paper?

(Looks at it)

Husband: OK. God I forgot about it.

Wife: Right! and you didn't forget to bring Beer.

Husband: Yes. So?

Wife: I didn't even tell you bring beer.

Husband: See I remembered something.

Wife: And you also bought chips, dvds and let me see a new golf cap.

Husband: Yes.

Wife: How did you not forget all of this?

Husband: I am not sure.

Wife: Let me tell you, you never forget whatever is important for you.

Husband: Not like that.

Wife: You FORGOT my mom at the zoo.

Husband: Once I entered the zoo I could not figure out your Mom from the other animals.

Wife: What?

Husband:  I told her not to wear that hat with colorful feathers. I even told her not to move very close or tough the  cages because someone might shoot her thinking a wild animal is trying to escape.

Wife: So when my Mom was running after you shouting your name , you thought it is a bird or something.

Husband: No I forgot my name.

Wife: Reasons and reasons. This can't continue. You need to be responsible.

Husband: For your Mom.

Wife: No for your forgetfulness.

Husband: It is not that I have control.

Wife: Ok! But why didn't you forget your mother any where.

Husband: I don't know.

Wife: Let me tell you she is your mother and she is important for you.

Husband: Ok. She also deosn't leave my hand.

Wife: Ok. You never forget your parents birthday but always forget my birthday. How is that?

Husband: Because both were born on Christmass and I was raised as a staunch Christian.

Wife: You never forget to go to play golf.

Husband: My friend calls me up.

Wife: You never forget to watch your favorite TV show.

Husband: Because it comes at the same time every day.

Wife: Ok and you never forget the name of the favorite dish at the restaurant.

Husband:Yes because I have been eating the same since I was a kid.

Wife: But you forget to empty the trash, do the dishes and feed the cat.

Husband: I see the cat sitting on the trash and licking the dishes and so I don't want to disturb the cat.

Wife: Why?

Husband: You don't want an angry cat in the house. And after seeing it licking the dishes I don't want to overfeed it.

Wife: Goodness!! Look at your excuses. Ok. I want the trash and dishes to be taken care of irrespective of the cat.

Husband: You should be grateful that is only because of my forgetfullness we have a son today.

Wife: (Smiling) Stop it.

Husband: Stella , lets go upstairs.

Wife: Stella is the name of the cat. My name is .. anyways lets go.

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Amit (not verified)
It is actually an unforgettable pice of work. If you'd permit me may i enact this script of ours in my upcoming cultural fest at ITC. MAURYA. Be rest assured i'll definately give entire credit to your hardwork.

@Amit Thanks for the appreciation. You can use it.

Diya Kothari
Sir, This is indeed a hilarious and unforgettable piece of work. If you would permit me may I use this script of yours for a skit. Be relaxed, I will definitely give all the credit to "Balle Kumar's Universe". Thank You

Diya Kothari
Sir, I need it by tomorrow. Kindly reply immediately. Thank You

@Diya. Thanks. Yes you can use it.

Diya Kothari
Thank You so much Sir.

Antonija (not verified)

@Antonija Thanks for commenting on my two skits. Appreciate your encouragement.

Abhishek Mankame (not verified)
That was a real buty for a comedy script. Hats off. Real peace of work.

This is a very nice comedy to play on the stage. I like to enact it with my friend. Would you please give me permission? Subha.

@Subha Yes. Thanks.

vikrant (not verified)
sir, really like the script and want to use it in my school gathering... MAY I?

@vikrant yes please.

viknesh (not verified)
sir, this is an awesome script. Would you let me use this script? thanks

@viknesh. Thanks. Please feel free to use it.

lethuy (not verified)
Very, very interesting story. May I use this story for my short play at school pls? Tks alot.

@lethuy, Yes please. Thanks.

alok (not verified)
i didnt quite get the last part of the conversation... where he says tht because of his forgetfulness they have a son.. can someone enlighten this dimwit here.. thanks

Cassia Hill (not verified)
Please if I can use this skit and give you the credits I would be so excited

@Cassia Hill , please use it , no need to give credit , gift from me.

Lani.S (not verified)
Hello sir, would you mind if i used your script, all credits would go towards you of course :)

@Lani.S Yes , you can use the script. Thanks.

Maria (not verified)
I would like to use this for my class.If you let me that is.

@Maria yes please

AriAnna (not verified)
I love this skit, can I use it in class please?

Please feel free to use the script. Thanks.

Manjinder Singh (not verified)
Good, very good, can you write a funny script for me to perform on our 25th Anniversary by us.

@Majinder, Apologize but I no longer write any scripts. This is the only one I have with a topic similar You are free to use this or anyone of mine if you lie. H

James (not verified)
Best script I found on here! I need to read a play for my Toastmasters presentation next week, can I please use this? Of course, I will give you credit during my opening comments.

@James, thanks. please feel free to use this or any other script i have written.

James (not verified)
You're welcome, and...thanks!

Rebecca Stowe (not verified)
I really love this and I would also love to make a short film with it. Is that okay with you?

@Rebecca Stowe Thanks. Please feel free to use this or any other script of mine for any purpose.

dr pritpal (not verified)
it is really hillarious,cant stop laughngg,thnk u boss

nice work, can i use this script?

@DK , you can use any of my scripts. Thanks.

May I use your script for my school assignment? Please. I need a response today because I need it tmrw. Thank you!

@Sofia_ayala Please feel free to use any of my scripts. Thanks.

heyabe (not verified)
May i please use this its so funny i want to act this out for my class may i sir

heyabe (not verified)
I need a response today Plz its so funny all credit goes to as always

@heyabe, you can use any of my scripts. best of luck.

May I use this funny script for a university film project on 04/13/14? I will do a nice job with this...Thank you Kerry Velon

@kay2jiggy Please feel free to use this script.

Ana (not verified)
May I use this as my mono act in middle school tomorrow?

@Ana Yes

saveera (not verified)
i really like this skit a lot . it is hilarious

Ryan (not verified)
Can I please use this for my humorous interpretation tomorrow?

@Ryan Yes please.

May I please use this script to be acted out in my class? Thanks

@kavim Please feel free to use it.

tony (not verified)
may I use this script because I have to get a script and this script is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@tony Please feel free to use any of my scripts.

stephen_D_actor (not verified)
Hello my name is Stephen Diaz and I wanted to ask permission to use this skit in an upcoming Kennedy center film festival. Sorry I'm new to this site.

@hopeful_actor Please feel free to use any of my scripts.

winnie (not verified)
It's a great script. I respectfully ask for a permission to use this in our class reunion. Thank you, and more power.

@winnie Please feel free to use any of my scripts.

Kiran (not verified)
Hi, this is a great script and hillarious. Could you please give me the permission to use this script in one of our performances. We would like to perfrom this in a small gathering. Thank you very much in advance.

Brandi Hulsey (not verified)
Hi. My drama club students are trying some improv and we are going to break up our little "performance" with some fun skits! Can my students use this? They love it! :)

@Kiran: Please feel free to use any of my scripts.

@Brandi Hulsey Please feel free to use any of my scripts.

Linda (not verified)
We are having a fellowship at church and need some skits. I like this one. Would you mind if I used it or any other one that you have on here? Thanks

Jeff Rybak (not verified)
May I have permission to use this script for an entertainment piece tomorrow at my school? This is perfect for the time we are being given.

@Linda Please feel free to use any of my skits.

@Jeff Rybak Please feel free to use any of my skits.

Rahul (not verified)
sir i hv to prepare comedy monoact today in hindi about i am eating junk food n now i want to do diet because i become fat .sir send me now it is emergency

can i use this script for my web series ? video production ? i am trying to make a series on husband and wife relation . if u can write and 3, 4 parts of whole web series bw husband and wife , tht would be awesome and if u want to associate with u . please do let me know at :

I enjoyed this piece very much! May I please use this for a coffee house skit with a friend? There is no money being made from the performance.

Can I use this for school?

ABANE TABE ELVIS AKO (not verified)
i love comedy, how can i get this every day?

ABANE TABE ELVIS AKO (not verified)
Hahahahahahh.... That man needs God's intervention ohoooo. love it so much. plse who is the producer of this?

Aun J. (not verified)
Hi, I could use this script with some minute changes? A change would be removing the last bit about having a child by accident since I'm would like to do this skit for a wedding.

Jonathan Fokker
Can we use this script in a video? We would love to give you credit for it.

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