Well I’ve been told I blend quite well into a crowd so in case you were wondering, I am said Afri

I'm so happy to have my boyfriend!

Louis C.K. In Trouble

Louis C.K., Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Says: ‘These Stories Are True’

How the comedy world protected Louis CK as rumors swirled - Some industry figures have distanced themselves from the comedian following a new report – but many long kept quiet despite years of questions


Dentist: Hello there.

Customer: Hi doctor.

Dentist: And how are you sir?

What's up with religion?


Onion: I make them cry, when they cut me, I make them pay for it!

Hello Eastwood High. As you all know, i'm the student body president.

*Plane Rumbles*

Hostess- Ok everyone we going to have a bit of a Detour.

    Of course, rhetorical speaking – not to be confused with a rhetorical question asked for dram