Grandparents Really Don't Get It

Grandparents Really Don't Get It

(1.5m)   by captainmo

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Grandma: WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?
Granddad: the bookface is broken !
Grandma: Is that the one with the friends
Granddad: you mean the yourspace
Grandma: yes myspace
Granddad: NO it?s not myspace it?s YOURspace
Grandma: Oh the one with the video and all the rude people
Granddad: No that?s the youtube
Grandma: I tube what
Granddad: What
Grandma: I TUBE WHAT?
Granddad: No the I tube is down
Grandma: You mean the youtube
Granddad: excactly the Itube
Grandma: You mean the one with the songs?
Granddad: NO that is the phone-pod
Grandma: oh I see but what the facebook
Granddad: Facebook doesn?t exist
Grandma: Then what?s down?
Grandad: the book face!
Grandma: what is that?
Granddad: The thing that has the caf? farm
Grandma: What?
Granddad: the thing young-uns don?t want us to go on
Grandma: Oh I know I?ll call billy. Hello billy
Grandson: My name is david
Grandma: What ever you say billy, anyway the book face is broken
Grandson: G-Ma you mean the facebook
Grandma: No I mean the book face
Grandson: Whatever what?s the problem
Granddad: Every time I look for you I can?t find you are you not on the book face anymore
Grandson: Um no I blocked you
Granddad: from what I don?t understand
Grandson: *sigh* look it?s fine
Granddad: No your grandmother is worried sick! She thought you disapeared from the universe.
Grandson: Fine! Try now
Granddad: how did you do that? You weren?t there a second ago but now you are
Grandson: Look just enjoy it I?m gonna block you again soon
Granddad: From what
Grandson: I?ve had enough(hangs up)

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Author's Message

It IS okay to put this script into a video, all you have to do is letting me know you're doing so, give me credit for it, and send me the link of the final cut! Also sorry if there are any mistakes in the script i usually write these late at night and don't proofread a lot.

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leah (not verified)
this was really funny and i really liked it.

adam (not verified)
im going to make a an animation if thats okay??

Go ahead, just be sure to give me credit for the script

dMaTzZ (not verified)
Hello morgan, my name is Derek Matz and I would love to use this script in my new film, i will give you credit if you let me no worries...check out my channel on youtube message me back please, thanks!

Of course you may use my script

manasa (not verified)
its really funny.i like it

Courtney (not verified)
I love it!!! It was hilarious!!!

Sabrina Sharifi (not verified)
I had an idea just like this that I'm going to use for a school play. When I was looking up comedy skits for inspiration I found this one. It's hilarious!

Katie (not verified)
I would like to use ur script in my school talent show and I will make sure the school knows that you have written this script

Thank you very much

dezmond (not verified)
hahahaha.. i like it may i use it on my plays... i think thats how my grandparents act... tahaha

Grace98mackka (not verified)
hahaha. That's very funny! They just go on and on!! haha May I please use this on a webisode? It is going to Youtube and I would like to use this skit in it! pleease?? :)

Grace98mackka (not verified)
I will give you credit for it!! Don't worry about that!! :)

Go ahead. Have fun!

Ali (not verified)
Oh my goodness i loved this. i'm gonna use it for my broadcasting class (: we have to do a radio play and this is PERFECT! I've got you credited in the beginning so no worries (:

Hey we are new youtubers trying to get famous. we??re writer too but we really like your script. can we use it for one of our videos and we will give you credit of course. by: DKTDN (Dont Kill The Dream Network) you wont regret cuz were awesome. :D

Nick_P_W (not verified)
I would like to use "GRANDPARENTS REALLY DON'T GET IT" for a talent show at school (grade 5).

dMaTzZ (not verified)
Making a video of this tomorrow will give you credit, ill post link after we finish editing and filming, thanks Derek

Mary Distin
I'd like to use this for a skit night at church with real life grandparents/grandson cast. Would that be OK? Is there more?

Yes it's fine, And there isn't more. All my scripts are posted in full

James Harrison (not verified)
Would it be alright if I used your script in a project. We will give you the credit. Thanks

madison gpmez (... (not verified)
dat was da most funniest script ever my sis agreed she played it out to my sis is selena gomez im 11 good work

itsmebigkt (not verified)
im using this as a video for my channel

Patty (not verified)
We are having a Family Reunion real soon , I would love to do your Grandparents Really Don't Get It skit .It will really be so funny for us ,bcause most the people that will be there are Grandparents. I will let everyone know where and who wrote it.

Patty (not verified)
We are having a Family Reunion real soon , I would love to do your Grandparents Really Don't Get It skit .It will really be so funny for us ,bcause most the people that will be there are Grandparents. I will let everyone know where and who wrote it.

Go ahead Patty. I hope you grandparents find it funny. Mine were not amused because they thought it was written about them :/

I meant your... I'm very tired

marck (not verified)
may i use this skit for a talent show this weekend plz? thanks

We are using this skit for a club in school if thats ok. We will definatly give you credit for writing this.

How can I get the whole script please?

I would like permission to use this skit for our Senior Center drama club. We perform in April and again in October. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.

Michelle (not verified)
Hi - please could I use this script in an amateur show I am proposing to do- I shall obviously put your name in the programme - thank you

DarthNec12 (not verified)
Hey morgan can i please use your script in my video, i will give you credit and send you the finished product to your email when done . ?

Ramenyay (not verified)
Can i please use this script for my class?

I would really like to use this for a skit night at school. I will give you credit.

KT (not verified)
Hi Morgan, I Would love to use this script for a class project and will credit you. Thanks!

I want to start doing skits for youtube and this made me laugh. Mind if i use it? ill give you full credit and link it here

Go for it NanoSync. Best of luck

1.5m Comedy Skits - Grandparents Really Don't Get It