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The Four Faces of Deceit (4m)

~by Beth101  ~Short Movie Scripts

It's Gladiator Meets Mary Poppins (2m)

~by Robin Marguerie1  ~Comedy Monologues

Will & Greg (Unknown)

~by Duke22122  ~Short Movie Scripts

Valentine’s Day Pitch Session in the Technological Era (2-2.5m)

~by Alyssa P  ~Comedy Skits

A Mars Away (5m)

~by Robin Marguerie1  ~Comedy Skits

Modern Romeo (2m)

~by AlyssaFord2015  ~Comedy Monologues

I'm Back! (1-1.5m)

~by AlyssaFord2015  ~Comedy Monologues

Delivery Guy Skit (2m)

~by Brad Elliot  ~Comedy Skits

The Grammar Police - Comic Monologue 0013 (1m)

~by The Designer  ~Comedy Monologues

The Curious Title : UX Designer (1-1.5m)

~by The Designer  ~Comedy Monologues

The Impatient and the Paranoid - Startups Sketch 0002 (1-1.5m)

~by The Designer  ~Comedy Skits

The Bothering Son (1m)

~by The Designer  ~Comedy Monologues

Startups - The Contract Signing Sketch (1-1.5m)

~by The Designer  ~Comedy Skits

Subtext (4-4.5m)

~by TimeTrainScripts  ~Comedy Skits

My Best Friend Has A Boyfriend (Unknown)

~by Gabi  ~Comedy Monologues

A Song About Holes In The Road (4m)

~by Ken Johnson  ~Comedy Skits

Bugs (2-2.5m)

~by AshtonSimmons1184  ~Comedy Monologues

Pink Honor (2-2.5m)

~by Jenaelah  ~Comedy Monologues

Station-E (10-30m)

~by rickblackwell  ~Short Movie Scripts

Breaking Up With Groupon (4m)

~by Alyssa P  ~Comedy Skits

The Fun Date (5m)

~by comedic_sweetheart  ~Comedy Skits

Nervous Peer (4m)

~by noahgragg24  ~Comedy Monologues

Temp Agency (3-3.5m)

~by M.K. Eisenberg  ~Comedy Skits

Lost in Translation (2-2.5m)

~by M.K. Eisenberg  ~Comedy Skits

What If I Hit The Skunk (7m)

~by Fun4all  ~Comedy Monologues

No Frills Airlines (5m)

~by Daniel DiTonno  ~Comedy Skits

Song: Syncopated Put A Tomato In Your Beer Blues (3m)

~by Ken Johnson  ~Comedy Skits

You Want To Boom Boom? (1-1.5m)

~by Amal Dutt  ~Comedy Skits

The Magician (1-1.5m)

~by Mikolaj1953  ~Comedy Monologues

Goat Song (Unknown)

~by Martin  ~Short Movie Scripts

Just Another Day? (4-4.5m)

~by Carlos Villatoro  ~Comedy Skits

Stress (Unknown)

~by Maria Gerstad  ~Comedy Monologues

A Conversation  (Unknown)

~by Maria Gerstad  ~Sitcomes / Stage Plays

Station E (30-60m)

~by rickblackwell  ~Sitcomes / Stage Plays

Halfway to Somewhere (10-30m)

~by rickblackwell  ~Sitcomes / Stage Plays

Good Man (5m)

~by Lenard W  ~Comedy Skits

Car (2m)

~by Balle Kumar's Universe  ~Comedy Skits

Cash Cab Get's Held Up (10m)

~by Mikolaj1953  ~Comedy Skits

Halloween Pumpkins (2m)

~by Balle Kumar's Universe  ~Comedy Skits

A guy, a girl, and it (Preview) (6m)

~by Reon (Pre-Keanu Reeves)  ~Sitcomes / Stage Plays

Devil and Woman's Soul (3m)

~by Balle Kumar's Universe  ~Comedy Skits

Job Interview (2m)

~by Balle Kumar's Universe  ~Comedy Skits

The Bus - Weather (1-1.5m)

~by stevemcp  ~Comedy Skits

Unacceptable Grade (3m)

~by Jenora Hamilton  ~Comedy Monologues

Date Mistake (2-2.5m)

~by Eve  ~Comedy Monologues

Dissecting The Chicken Joke (5m)

~by Thom Goddard  ~Comedy Skits

Harry Potter- The True Story (2-2.5m)

~by Eve  ~Comedy Skits

STAKEOUT (gone wrong) (2-2.5m)

~by Eve  ~Comedy Monologues

The Video Game That Killed Sandra Hughes (30-60m)

~by jamesshea  ~Sitcomes / Stage Plays

Dumped Man (10-30m)

~by jamesshea  ~Sitcomes / Stage Plays

It's Perfectly Fine (4m)

~by Labeja Kodua  ~Comedy Skits

Maid (1m)

~by Balle Kumar's Universe  ~Comedy Skits

The 'Goo Hoarder' (3m)

~by EllaEast  ~Comedy Monologues

Marriage Anniversary (2m)

~by Balle Kumar's Universe  ~Comedy Skits

Grandparents-They Say We Need Help (1-1.5m)

~by Robyn  ~Comedy Monologues

Im Not Going to Write a Monolouge (3-3.5m)

~by Haley Calderon  ~Comedy Monologues

Beauty and the Geek (30-60m)

~by nevaeh_michelle  ~Short Movie Scripts

Songs In Real Life (10m)

~by nevaeh_michelle  ~Comedy Skits

When Is It Safe to Faurt (1m)

~by Skitz  ~Comedy Skits

Helium in a Jar (2-2.5m)

~by selahangel1  ~Funny Commercials

Children at Restaurants (3m)

~by Labeja Kodua  ~Comedy Monologues

When It's Time to Leave Home (5m)

~by Don McDonald  ~Comedy Skits

Snot Rockets (2m)

~by Don McDonald  ~Comedy Monologues

The Lottery Addiction  (6m)

~by Lenard W  ~Comedy Skits

Discontinued Employment - Did I Just Get Fired! (5-5.5m)

~by hegibson  ~Comedy Skits

This Week In Jokes (9/15/2012) (5m)

~by Jon Kohan  ~Funny Short Stories / Short Funny Jokes

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