Zeus and the Gods of Really Silly Things

Zeus and the Gods of Really Silly Things

(3m)   by captainmo

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Zues: Okay everyone it?s 2010 and the other gods are passing away so we need all new gods

Random guy  1: Hey listen, I have this buy 1 get 1 free therapy session I want you to take

Zeus: I am not crazy I am Zues

Random Teen: Hey listen big Z I have to be home by 11 so I don?t think this God thing is going to work out for me.

Zeus: Gods get home whenever they feel like so when you are a god you won?t have a curfew

Random Teen: Oh really? That is PIMPIN!(Starts texting someone)

Zeus: You are about to become a god and you are texting? Who could you possibly be texting?

Random teen : I am telling my mom she can go eat a cow pie

Zeus: what the heck is wrong with teens these days?

Random guy : Didn?t you say you were going to make us gods or something?

Zeus: Right, Alright teenager what is your name?

Random teen: It?s cody

Zeus: Cody,C-Man, C-miester, Cod-rod, calamity cody-

Cody: Don?t try to be as gangsta as me homeboy

Zeus: Alright I am going to give you something I think you can handle, something I don?t think you will get carried away with and use to kill every person you hate?? You will be the god of FIRE!

Cody: Oh I am so burning my ex-girlfriend?s house!(Exits)

Random guy 1: What about me?

Zeus: You are the wisest man in the whole world, so I will give you something that fits you perfectly??????. You will be the god of RAKES!!!

Random guy 1: WHAT?!?!?!?! A teenager gets god of fire and I get god of Rakes? How does that fit the wisest man in the world

Zeus: Hey listen, you get what you get and you don?t throw a fit

Random guy 1: That would be a nice explanation if I were FIVE

Zeus:  Okay since you are throwing a fit, you are the god of those really old 80?s cell phones nobody uses anymore.

Random guy 1: This isn?t fair-

Zeus:  Do you want to get bumped down again?

Random guy 1: What could you possibly bump me down to now?

Zeus:  Do you want to be god of the house the leaves get blown into that you have to work 3 hours to get out?

Random guy 1: No I?m fine.(walks away depressed)

Zeus: Alright you have been quite silent

Random Old Man: That?s because I can?t talk much anymore my voice box is getting so old it has cobwebs(Laughs a little and then coughs terribly)

Zeus: Alright you have expierience

Random Old Man: Yes

Zeus: You are a brilliant man

Random Old Man: Yeah

Zeus: So you will be the god of??????????TOILETS!!!

Random Old Man:Toilets?

Zeus: Do you not like it?

Random Old Man: No I do not

Zeus: okay I will change it, how does god of tiolet paper sound?

Random Old Man: I hate it.

Zeus: Okay that?s no problem, then will be god of bathtubs?

Random Old Man: what is with your theme of me being a god of something in the bathroom

 Zeus: Okay, okay, I think I see what you?re driving at. You promise you will except what I give you this time?

Random Old Man: I guess as long as it?s not having to do with the bathroom

Zeus: Good then you will be the god of sewer water

Random Old Man: Can?t you change it?

Zeus: No

Random Old Man: well that just buckles my belt!

Zeus: Okay that saying is so old I don?t even know what it means. I don?t even think that is a legitamet saying. You probably just made it up right now just to confuse me

Random Old Man: shut up(walks away sobbing)

Zeus: I think we will have gods who care this time around

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It IS okay to put this script into a video, all you need to do is give proper credit to Morgan Fisher and Jay Gutierrez Also sorry if there are any mistakes in the script i usually write these late at night and don't proofread a lot.

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Makes SOOOOO much sense.
Submitted by ThanksABunches (not verified) on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 07:35
Hey, would it be okay for me to use this for a skit show we have on our morning announcements at school? I'll put your name and give you complete credit but before I do so I need your consent.
Submitted by thanks (not verified) on Mon, 10/31/2011 - 07:31
is it ok if i use this for my speech class??
Submitted by captainmo on Wed, 02/15/2012 - 02:39
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can i make a vid out of this skit? I will give you credits for it.

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