Wolf to Wolf Talk

Wolf to Wolf Talk

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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MRS WOLF: I have a wonderful surprise for you

MR WOLF: Great, did you catch a deer or something?

MRS WOLF: No, better than that, I found a baby boy abandoned in the woods

MR WOLF: I would prefer a deer. Not much eating in babies. Tender though

MRS WOLF: Don't say that, we have a long held tradition of raising abandoned humans

MR WOLF: We have a long held tradition of being lumbered with humans, that grow up and get in the way. They never turn out to be less than detrimental to our way of life

MRS WOLF: But he needs us, he's so small and weak

MR WOLF: He'll grow up, leave us and rejoin mankind, and probably help finish off what's left of us

MRS WOLF: Nigel and Terry never rejoined, they were loyal

MR WOLF: There was good reason for that. They weren't known as Dunces With Wolves for nothing. Goddam Rabbits could outsmart them

MRS WOLF: They were nice boys

MR WOLF: They were morons we couldn't get rid of. Nigel couldn't keep up with the pack when we were hunting, so he tried to introduce some changes. You remember that?

MRS WOLF: He was just being innovative, bless him.

MR WOLF: He made a sled and asked us to pull it. He wanted us to cook all our kills, he wanted us to take up fishing for God's sake. If we hadn't eventually ate him, he would have destroyed us

MRS WOLF: Terry wasn't as demanding

MR WOLF: Terry was worse, he hated the sight of blood so much, he wanted us to go vegetarian. I couldn't help laughing at the irony of that fool getting killed in a stampede

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Always liked Wolves because I thought I had one. Turned out it was a militant sheep with a penchant for deception and disguise

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2 Person 1.5m Comedy Skits - Wolf to Wolf Talk