The Worst Arguement Ever

The Worst Arguement Ever

(2m)   by Emily Butterfly

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*Matt and Gale were talking about the polar ice caps. Or arguing.*

Matt: Most of the melting is caused by people throwing away garbage!

Gale: No, most of it was from so many people and their cars and factories!

Matt: Look, dude. It's definitely the garbage. No doubt about it.

Gale: *You're* the garbage, ya idiot! Smoke rising into the air and ruining the atmosphere is the cause of this!


Matt (looking offended): How dare you call me garbage! I think you're the garbage since all your girlfriends dump you!

*Gage's mouth drops open in shock and his eyes go wide.*

Gage: Says the guy who…um… (mumbles under his breath.)

Matt: What? Speak up please!

Gage: (Mumbles again.)

Matt: Louder!

Gage: (Mumbles and murmurs)

Matt: Lou-der!

Gage (yells): Says the guy who is perfect all the time!

*A smirk slowly grows on Matt's face.*

Gage (back to normal voice): Are you happy now?

Matt (nodding slowly): Yup. Veeeeerrry happy….

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This is the first script thing I've done! I hope you guys enjoyed! You may borrow this but please ask for permission first. Thank you!

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