The Pains Of Marriage.

The Pains Of Marriage.

()   by travis

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T = Tom Smith
L = Linda Smith
C= councellor

a couple are at a marriage counceling office
enter councellor

C: well hello there your the smiths right? and you guys are here to see if youre ready to get married?

T: yep im tom shes linda we know were ready we just feel we should just see what you have to say

C: ahh i see... so lets define mariage.. mariAGE.....mazige or as my japanese freinds call it Maraja... there pretty gangsta

L: mabey you could give us a definition of marrige!

C: I was getting to it! (C struggeling to read a piece of paper) now marrigeis defined as the joining of 2 people in ........ (reads paper) holy matramony ..... that doesnt seem right give me a minute.

C walks over to a computer starts cracking up comes back

C: thatsliterally hilarious!

T: what is?

C: my facebook

L: my god! did you even look up the definition

C: yes marriage is ........ google search incomplete, would you like my personal definition of marrige

L: its gotta be better than that, so why not.

C: ok so marrige is like a circle

C starts to draw a circle

C: no thats more of an oval

C rubs it out and drawsit again

C: hmm kinda uneven

C rubs it out draws another circle goes to rub it out


C rubs alittle out then draws abit akwardly

C: ok, ok so marrige is like a circle ....... theres no point to it and once your in theres no getting out..... except for divorce but thats more of a triangle

L starts breaking down crying

C: oh there, there ... you wanna hear my triangle speech


C: ok then lets move on, i have to ask have you 2 partaken in the ancient african religion of coutis?

L: what the hell is coutis?

C procedes to whisper sexual intercourse in there ears, linda breaks down again

T: awfully private isnt it?

C: come onnnn.

T: but ...

C: come onnnnn?

T: .... yes

C: sweet high five!!

L: Your horrible at your job!!

C loses focus and starts checking himself out in the mirror making akward poses ect. he then notices them again

C: oh you guys still here?


C: fine just sign this

T starts to read

C: dont read just sign

T signs paper

C: sweet, by the way your now agree to pay for the rpayments on my car

L: what!!!

C: jeez your womans quite a nag, sign this please

T goes to read

C: dont read!

T signs it

C: excellent you'll make a good refrence for that job

T: just give me the paper, so we can leave!!

C: calm down, here sign please

T tries to read

C: What did i say about reading?

T signs

C: sweet i got me a new house in boca

T tries to attack C

C: ok ok heres your one

T and L sign the paperthen go to kiss

C: aww... this rooms quite circular isnt it, oh my god im trapped the walls are comming in on me!!!

C jumps on T stars clinging onto him

T: thats it i want a divorce!!

L: were not even married!!!!

T and L exit

C: another job well done

L walks back in

L: your'e terrible at your job!!

C: idont even work here

L: oh god!!

exit L

C: another job well done


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Was origionally done for a improv thing for drama. Ended up well done and quite funny. love to hear what you think about it any criticism welcome. thanks -travis

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Submitted by singing614 (not verified) on Mon, 11/25/2013 - 08:58
could my drama club use this for our winter one acts?
Submitted by travis on Tue, 11/26/2013 - 11:53
of course feel free to use it just give credit where its due, if its filmed and put on line please send me a link and for ya to have fun with it most of all
Submitted by actinggirl91 on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 11:31
hi! can I use this script please for my drama group's Controlled assessment, please? Its acquired that some of our C.a should be our own scripted pieces and other parts be scripted pieces by other writers. It would be a big help and your script is really good!

Comedy Skits - The Pains Of Marriage.