The Hostess

The Hostess

(1.5m)   by Violet McRose

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*Plane Rumbles*

Hostess- Ok everyone we going to have a bit of a Detour.

The Hostess walks up to the chubby man on the plane.

Hostess- Sir we are going to have to move you to seat 3C.

Man- I'm sorry I'm here, my bags are also pretty comfy here.

The Hostess get a guilty look on her face.

Hostess- We need to balance the plane out, can't you see it's rumbling.

*5 Minutes later*

Hostess- Alright everyone, right to the left side, squish up to the window.

On the other side sits the chubby man, only him.

Hostess- Alright now we have balanced the plane out.

Man- Are you kidding me?! I'm not that fat.

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The plane is a mess. But damn the fat man.

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Send me full script on wants to read in my classroom
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Can I get the full script for a class please

2 Person 1.5m Comedy Skits - The Hostess