Song: Syncopated Put A Tomato In Your Beer Blues

Song: Syncopated Put A Tomato In Your Beer Blues

(3m)   by k.r.johnson

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I haven't written a tune for these words. If you can't think of one, send me email and I'll write out a tune with guitar chords and send it to you.

When you get off the bus and walk into a bar
Your friend calls the barman and buys you a jar
It's really important to put a toma-
to into your flagon of beer.

You never drank beer 'cause you don't like the taste,
You'd throw it away but you can't stand the waste,
Your tastebuds will tingle, your heartbeat will race
If you add a tomato to beer.

So don't sign the Pledge Be exciting, be edg-
y and add this nice veg-
etable to your beer.

If you cut a tomato you get at the juice,
It's pink, scarlet, crimson, vermilion or puce
You won't find the flavour the least bit intrus-
ive when drinking tomato and beer.

Every king and queen drinks it and so do the Pri-
me Ministers, Presidents, Bosses and Ay-
atollahs, the Mayors and the Elders of Zi-
on. They add a tomato to beer.

It's the pick of the crop, It goes in with a plop,
Then it goes round and round and you think it won't stop,
It comes up to the top
And you won't waste a drop
For it breaks into fragments that crackle and pop,

So unlike a mango
A cola or Tango
You won't get a hango-
ver drinking tomato and beer.

Tomatoes are protein and fibre and pips,
More corn starch than spinach, more iron than chips,
And a red skin so brilliant it colours your lips,
If you just shake the mixture and drink it in sips,
It will make you immune to the scourge that is dips-
omania, let's make it clear:
Just add a tomat-
o, it's good for your heart,
Just add a tomato to beer.

Though you might not think it It's nice when you drink it,
You stir it and sink it,
Just add a tomato to beer,
Then lift up your glass and cry, "Cheer-

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Submitted by Oliviadozier on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 13:38
Galati ours I might use that for my talent show everyone will love it

3m Comedy Skits - Song: Syncopated Put A Tomato In Your Beer Blues