Something Isnt Right

Something Isnt Right

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Kevin( Kind of a frat boy stoner)

Doug( A real easy going guy looks for the best in every situation fails to see the obvious)

Allison ( Dougs Wife)

Kevin: Whats up bro, i text you like twenty times last night why didnt you answer?

Doug: Sorry Kev i didnt have my phone all last night! You know my wife as forgetfull as she is made plans to go out with the girls and forgot to charge her phone so she took mine too, just incase her battery died!!!

Kevin: Dude that is like the third weekend in a row that has happened something just isnt right!!

Doug: Kevo i am so glad were on the same page on this one i was starting to think i was the only one who could see it! I sure didnt want to look stupid in front of Allison i am gonna tell her when she gets home today that i know whats up there is obviously something wrong with her cell phone it should stay charged way longer then it does. We need to take it and have it worked on.

Kevin: Wait up a second dude i am half baked and fully hungover but did you say when she gets home today are you telling me that she didnt even come home last night?

Doug: I know what your thinking Kevin and trust me i would be thinking the same thing if i was sitting in your living room hearing this! Give me a little credit though she is my wife i know what her schedule is pal, no need to worry i dropped her car off at the dealership at 9:00 AM for her oil change geesh give me a little credit!

Kevin: uhhh thats not what i was really thinking at all bro i can barely remember where i park my car much less when yours are scheduled for oil changes!! Ever since you guys got married or together for that matter it just seems she is always gone for the night or always has different men over working on things at the house when you are at work. Your like a brother to me, do you see what i am getting at?

Doug: I know exactly what your getting at Kev. I know I work to much but ever since Allison and i got married i just want to be the best provider i can be for her!! Not to mention we really have a ton of bills... between her private tennis lessons, lawncare, the pool guy, and couples therapy it is really strapping me on cash.

Kevin: wwwwait just a minute buddy 1 you live in a condo doesnt the community pay for the lawn maintenance? 2 you live in a condo you have a community pool that i am sure HOA fees goes toward maintaining 3 i didnt even know Allison owned a tennis racket 4 i am thousand percent for sure you never told me you are in couples therapy when do you even have time to go. I am not gonna beat around the bush anymore i am gonna flat tell you what i think...........

Doug: I am gonna stop you right there kev i know exactly what you think and your exactly right! I need to be a better husband i am putting way too many responsibilities on Allison! We asked the lawn people that our condos use to not tend our yard any longer Allisons watches a ton of home and garden TV and she said the man who had been here working was not stuffing her tulips right!! I bet you didnt even know that tulips needed stuffed i know i sure didnt.

Kevin: I think she was saying two lips...

Doug: Yeah thats what i said tulips.... anyways back to my point oh yeah the pool guy who takes care of the community pool stops by twice a week with every resident just to make sure the pool is up to exepectations. You can't not tip the guy when he has dedication like that you know i over heard her telling him one day when i came home from work early that he really knows how to keep her wet he obviously knows a ton about aquatiics, and as far as the couples therapy goes once again guilty as charged i have not been attending it with her but Allison being the wonderful wife she is hired a actor to pose as me and act like me that way the doc knows exactly who i am without me being there. They go twice a week this guy is so dedicated to helping us he even picks her up and everything, and for your information smarty pants Allisson doesnt need to own a racket i heard her tell her sister that Javier her instructor has more equipment and balls then she needs, so i actually saved money there that makes me feel pretty good.

Kevin: Doug look please don't cut me off what i am about to tell you is very hard for me to say! So after i say it i am just going to get up and leave we can talk about it later ok.. Like i said earlier something just isnt right and i know what its. There is a affair or affairs going on in this marriage.........


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