rubbernecking song

rubbernecking song

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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a car has crashed on the road, and the traffic sure has slowed

for me its all systems go

for a bit of rubbernecking, rubbernecking, just checking

like a vulture going pecking


spoilsports cops cordon off the scene, around the stricken machines

i want it televised on a big screen, for a bit of rubbernecking

mangled cars, screams and shouts, firemen with cutting tools dash about

as i stand and drink my carry out, when rubbernecking


have to pretend you're a medic to get up close, a bit of mouth to mouth, loosen some clothes

lighten the mood with mistletoe, when rubbernecking

saying you're a doctor so you can remain, telling victims you cant ease their pain

because you specialize in drains, and rubbernecking


enquire if any ones injured, or anyone dead, was it a lorry crushing a moped,

can i take a selfie with a severed head, when rubbernecking

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dedicated to all those nice people who forget to ring for a ambulance, because they are to busy filming with their phone

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1.5m Comedy Skits - rubbernecking song