Optional Mother In Law

Optional Mother In Law

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Mother In Law: Do you want to taste some pickle?

Son In Law: Yes

Mother In Law: Which one? Lemon,Mango or Pepper

Son In Law: Mango!

Mother In Law: Do you want Sweet Mango Pickle or Sour Mango Pickle?

Son In Law: Sweet!

Mother In Law: Due you want the pickle which is recent or a year old?

Son In Law: A year old

Mother In Law: Yes,  it would be better. Good Choice! So do you want a minced one or small pieces?

Son In Law: Minced One!

Mother In Law: I also have one with one full mango! Do you want to try that?

Son In Law: Get everything!

Mother In Law: If you taste everything , then the taste will mix and then you won’t be enjoy it! Don’t be greedy, I will get you one pickle at a time! So what do you want?

Son In Law: Minced One!

Mother In Law: Do you want to try the one I made or else I can get it from our neighbor? She makes it equally good! I need to ask her though if she has any other pickle too? We should not run out of options!

Son In Law: I want the pickle which you made!

Mother In Law: Come on, you don’t have to flatter me like you do to your wife! If you want me to get it from my neighbor I will do it or we can buy it from outside!

Son In Law: I want the pickle which you made!

Mother In Law: Which one is that?

Son In Law: Oh! Sour Mango pickle! Minced!

Mother In Law: No, you had said that you wanted ‘Sweet Mango People’ . I am not that old. I still remember!

Son In Law: Please get me that!

Mother In Law: But it has sweet syrup in it! You should watch your calories! I think lemon pickle would be better!

Son In Law: Just get me a little lemon pickle!

Mother In Law: You don't have to change your option so fast. If you want Mango pickle I will get you that too! Just asking!

Son In Law: Please give me a little mango pickle!

Mother In Law: Minced Mango pickle you mean! If you say 'Little Mango Pickle' then someone will think you want Mango pickle with thin slices of mango. Now I understand the context but others won't. So you want me to get you or you will get it yourself so that you know how much you need!

Son In Law: I will get it myself!

Mother In Law: But I never told you where it is? I think it would be better that I get you some! Or else you will be confused , all the jars in the kitchen look the same!

Son In Law: OK! please get it for me!

Mother In Law: But don't waste it, mangoes are not in the season! It is difficult to get mango pickle.

Son In Law: I don't want any pickle!

Mother In Law: Why?

Son In Law: I am not feeling well!

Mother In Law: Are you feeling hot or cold?

Son In Law: I just want to go home!

Mother In Law: Without having anything to eat? Do you want cookies or do you want some medicine?

Son In Law: Please don't offer me any choices. Please get whatever you feel like!

Mother In Law: I feel like! You are going to eat it! Cream Cookies, Sugar Cookies .. you tell me what you want? Do you want chicken soup? Medicine!

Son In Law: I am going home now!

Mother In Law: Which road are you taking back?

Son In Law: Highway 287 South

Mother In Law: But it will have traffic. You can try the Highway 1.

Son In Law: OK. Highway 1.

Mother In Law: You can sleep here too!

Son In Law: No I am going home by Highway 1.

Mother In Law: You can try US 2 too. You have to pay toll!

Son In Law: OK! I will take US 2.

Mother In Law: Do you want me to call your wife and tell that you are coming home for dinner? Or you would call?

Son In Law: I will call!

Mother In Law: Don't call while you are driving! It is dark on US2. I think 287 S is a better option!

Son In Law: I am going now! Bye!

Mother In Law: Please tell your father in law that he has the option of coming back. Why is he staying in your house? Tell him to come back! Next time I won’t allow you leave so quickly. We are going to chat for a long time!

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