My Brain and Me

My Brain and Me

(2.5m)   by zanther56w_12171

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Brain:Hey! I wanna think about other stuffs ,stop reading.

Me: Look I have test tomorrow I have to concentrate.

Brain:Hey look Linda isn't she damn hot.Hey let's think about future  with her.

Me:( look outside) I mean she is kinda hot.But not this time.Everytime I try to study you start babbling but I'm not gonna fall for your trap again.

Brain: lalalala..... lalalala.

Me: So let's concentrate.

Brain: lalalala.....lalaala.

Me:You stupid monkey brain you're a garbage.If you were person I'll have beat your ass off.

Brain: oh look who is talking to beat Mr.idiot.

Me: you idiot.

Brain: why I am even inside such idiot person.

Me: That's what I was think why genius like me has such stupid brain.

( Exam hall) 

Me: ( questions paper in hand)Damn come on brain work.


Me: Ok I'm sorry please help me down here.

Brain: ok...... but look at the teacher isn't she bomb.

Me: Damit you.....



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