Multiverse Series: The Indian Universe

Multiverse Series: The Indian Universe

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Kumar: Welcome Sir, Welcome Sir .. Welcome to the Indian Universe

Traveller: Ohh!! Thank you.

Kumar: What would you like to have Sir? Tea , Coffee, Cold Tea , Hot Tea, Hot Coffee, Cold Water ..

Traveller: Ohh!! Nothing. 

Kumar: No, you should have something.

Traveller: No.

Kumar: Sir, would you like to have Coconut Juice.

Traveller: Yes.

Kumar: Not Available Sir. Will you have tea instead.

Traveller: Ok. Please give me tea.

Kumar: Here is tea, Sir.

Traveller: So you had the tea already made.

Kumar: Yes Sir.

Traveller: Then why did you offer me so many choices. I bet you only had tea.

Kumar: Very clever Sir. Choice is an illusion Sir.

Traveller: Ok. How much for the tea?

Kumar: Tea is complementary with your stay Sir.

Traveller: But I am not going to stay.

Kumar: Sir, from the window you will see Taj Mahal.

Traveller: Wow. Really. Then I will stay.

Kumar (looks at his ipad): Sir, you are late. The last room is taken Sir.

Traveller: Shit..

Kumar: I can arrange your stay in my brother's hotel. A little costly ..

Traveller: Ok. You got me. You have my business.

Kumar: Thank you Sir.

Traveller: Now tell me Sir, what do you have here?

Kumar: What do you need Sir?

Traveller: I want to see the Universe

Kumar: Sure , please come with me. Mind the cow.

Traveller: What is this cow doing here in between?

Kumar: In our Universe cows have equal rights as men have. She is just listening to our conversation.

Traveller: Wow

Kumar: Don't worry Sir she doesn't understand a thing.

Traveller: Ok. What is the speciality of this Universe?

Kumar: Our Universe is special only because of the prople of this Universe.

Traveller: Like.

Kumar: First let me take to the temple of the Great God Errie Appan.

Traveller: Who is that?

Kumar: He is the greatest god , greater than all other gods.

Traveller: There is only one God.

Kumar: Did you meet him?

Travller: No.

Kumar: Are you sure that he exists

Traveller: I am not sure. 

Kumar: So when we don't know whether God exists or not than why are we confident that there is only one god , may be there are many.

Traveller: Makes sense

Kumar: In Indian Universe everyone makes sense , we have democracy here. We listen to every one.

Traveller: Okk what about Errie Appan

Kumar: Say Lord Errie Appan.

Traveller: No I won't

Kumar: Ok. No problem. Gaurds!!

Traveller: What?

Kumar: Escort this gentleman out of this universe and make sure that he pays for the reservation of the room.

Traveller: Ok. Lord Errie Appan!!

Kumar: The great Lord sits on Dina Asura (Asura : demon in Indian)

Traveller: Do you call Dinosaur as Dina Asura?

Kumar: No you call DINA ASURA as Dinosaur. 

Traveller: Ok.

Kumar: Take the Lords blessings

Traveller: Ok.

Kumar: Now you see your stay would be so nice.

Traveller: Tell me something. What do you have here?

Kumar: Ohh Okk!! We have people

Traveller: Something to see, some attractions

Kumar: The unique thing about our Universe is that we don't have any attraction. Our people attract attention wherever they go.

Traveller: Like

Kumar: Like in your Universe Jesus got crucified himself to save humanity.

Traveller: Yes.

Kumar: In our Universe we crucify every one to save money.

Traveller: But why?

Kumar: You must have heard the idiom "Save for the rainy day"

Traveller: Yes

Kumar: Here it rains very often and so we need to save very often

Traveller: Interesting. What other things do you people have?

Kumar: We love to stare

Traveller: What? Is that good.

Kumar: Its very good. If you know that everyone else is staring at you , you would think twice before commiting any crime

Traveller: Yes

Kumar: So we have no crime.

Traveller: Wow

Kumar: We have no rules in this Universe

Traveller: Now how is that good.

Kumar: It is very good. If there are rules then people break them but if there aren't any then people maintain control

Traveller: Whatever? What do you all do?

Kumar: We all act in films.

Traveller: All

Kumar: We love films. We love to be in them , watch them , trash them , burn them. Every one of us is a film buff

Traveller: So.

Kumar: So as our films are 10 hrs each , we don't have time to do anything else.

Traveller: And what else?

Kumar: Rest of the time we are eating. The men generally do the house work and women generally inspect the work done.

Traveller: Wow

Kumar: Real peace.

Traveller: I want to see Taj Mahal

Kumar: Wow Taj Mahal epitomizes the spirit of India

Traveller: How?

Kumar: In all the Universe a woman can only make the man spend till she is alive but here the queen bankrupted him after her death also.

Traveller: Look I need to hurry up and leave.

Kumar: Wait let me take a photo with you!!

Traveller: Sure

Kumar: Hail Lord Errie Appan

Traveller: Hail Lord Errie Appan. Sitting on a Dina Asura. The creature has left your god but your god still has you ..

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Submitted by devanshi (not verified) on Wed, 11/05/2014 - 03:32
nice and intelligent kumar is in the skit

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