mermaid song

mermaid song

(2m)   by gritt brewer

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said she'd love to be a mermaid, so what else could i do

got a dolphin, chainsaw, needle and thread, cos she was my love so true

suddenly she was not keen, could tell by her screams

but sleeping pills and whiskey sent her to the land of dreams

i realized her vision, cut and stitched till early morn

hoping she would survive to savor her new form

for she looked a picture, discounting the scars

and her other half with the dolphins head was erotically bizarre

for waste not what you might want on a cold winters night

a big fish head won't stop you, though not a pretty sight


when she came out of the coma, i threw her in the sea

saying away and catch a fish my girl, swim happy and swim free

she was a crappy mermaid, was bitter and twisted towards me

shouting I'll have you ye bastard, and get me something to eat

give me back my life she'd say, I'm freezing out here you fool

told her a mermaid with a dufflecoat, would be so not cool

she put a contract out on me, hired some real heavy lads

seriously unfriendly dudes, the feared tuna Triads

came all the way from Shanghai, arrived on the first tide

broke into my house, and kind of flopped about and died


she swam away that December, never saw her again

complaining of cold and hunger and ogling fishermen

heard shes hanging out at harbors, with a rough old crowd

what she'll do for chips is scandalous, for a woman once so proud

I'm still with her other half, with the big old dolphins head

yes she smells a bit, but i still wouldn't kick her out of bed

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how do mermaids reproduce and did they originate from a sort of Adam and Eve scenario where Adam or Eve was a shark or a marlin or something

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2m Comedy Skits - mermaid song