Loan Shark and Shark

Loan Shark and Shark

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Shark:I kill people!

Loan Shark: Me too!

Shark: I kill for food!

Loan Shark: Me too! I mean indirectly I also kill people so that food on my plate!

Shark: All are afraid of me!

Loan Shark:I am cool blooded like you!

Shark: No kidding! Its necessary for survival!

Loan Shark: Absolutely!

Shark: You know , most of the humans are so social and because you that you need to share your food with others. I am mostly alone.

Loan Shark: Well, no one wants to hang around with me and so I get to enjoy all the good things by myself.

Shark: So, how do you trap the fishes?

Loan Shark: Just like you, when they are not seeing. But I like them to suffer. You dispatch them far too quickly!

Shark: Well I am hungry!

Loan Shark: Well food is one and thing and entertainment is another. I like to be entertained!

Shark: I think , I should take that on!

Loan Shark: Yes, you are always in such a hurry! I always take high interest from them! At least you can take interest in them!

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1m Comedy Skits - Loan Shark and Shark