Just Another High-School Drama.Or Is It???

Just Another High-School Drama.Or Is It???

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(candy is a black girl,but she grew up in a white neighbor hood and with a much upper class parents. but unfortunately her parents got bankrupt and she had to downgrade to the ghetto and go to high school there with just turning 16 all she know is ''big'. (all you need to pull this off is a really ghetto acent, a really good Amercan accent and imigination)

cast: candy,mother,la'quisha,johntay,la'keya,Mrs.Willie.

scene:1 (home)

candy: mother i can't believe˜you sending me to such environment with such disgrace, mother i am furious!

mother: don't use such language on me candy, i don't have a choice, you know if i did i will do anything for you darling.

candy: i know mother i apologize well im off.

mother: you set?

candy: yes mother.

mother: okay love you bye if theres anything you need anything baby feel free to call mother.

scene:2 (school)

(candy:walks in school akwardly)

girl 1: ohh weee look we gots a new stuuu-dentt up in herree ya'll.

girl 2: i mean she iight she aint all that.

girl 1: (walks over to candy) stop hat'in girllll.

candy: (disgust by thier outfit) um hello ?

girl 1: oh im la'quisha dis mah bitch la'keya where u from though?

candy: im from ...im from broklyn (tryin' to fit in)

la'quisha: damn girll u gat dat accentt u a rich bitch oooh u a rich bitch.

la'keya: i knew it ah u assed outt girll leggo!

(la'keya and laquisha exiting..candy stops them and yells˜)

candy: um deffinately not i am not rich thats preposterous!

(everyone turns around )

boy :ooh˜i kno she aint jus˜go all webster dictionary on ya'll.

(candy notices he's kinda cute, *blushes*)

candy: hi im candy.

boy : whts crackinlackin shawtyy dey call me big papa round here but im johntay.

candy: why do people call you big papa?

johntay: u finna find out in a mini shawtyy *wink*.

candy: *blushin* uh okay do you know where this class is (shows paper)

johntay: oh fasho, thats da doppest teacher in da whole skool mrs. willie ! i mean i kan sho u but i gots-to get dem degits iight?

candy: (confuse by what he just said)

johntay: ill take dat as a yes lets go.

(walking in the hall-way...everyone giving her the dirty look* you know how it is in high school)

johntay: ha i kno u scared i kno u a hawk u jus gotta hav heart lil mama iight?

candy: okay.

(walks in class...*everyone turns and look*)

la'quisha: *mad* where da hell u been nigga *kisses johntay*

la'keya: i know this boo-chee bitch wasnt wit yo man girll

candy: *devastated that johntays la'quisha boyfriend*

Mrs willie: we got a new school class candy williams from mahanttan be nice now. come up here candy and tell the class a little something about you now.

candy: (walks infront of class) umm im candy and i like to party

johntay: yeah wooo!! *claps for her*

(walks back to her seat nea johntay)

la'keya: *notice candy gucci bag* damn girll is dat real girll i luh it !

candy: thanks

la'quisha: *mad* uh dats proly fake girl

la'keya: *notice laquisha's mad* yea sure right right *winks at candy*

la'quisha: so what waz u doin wit mah man i kno u aint jus gon brin yo skinny rich ass in here n take mah man like dat ya dey it aint gon happen!

la'keya: man chill girll get ta kno hur

laquisha: shutt wasnt u da seem one dat hated hur!?

johntay: yo bitch chill mane let hur breath yo u all up in hur shitt like u kno hur or summ though!

la'quisha: i do she aint nun bhut sum rich boo-shee i think im da shit kinda bitch! i un even kno wht she doin here!

candy: (walks out crying)

mrs willie: laquisha! go to the office *bells ring*

johntay: candy! candy wait!

candy: (gets in car and speeds home)

..........TO BE CONTINUE!

(i dont know if i should make a part two, if you think is good or interesting an˜you want to know˜what˜happen?˜tell me to make a part two thanks:)

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I Want To Be A Writer For Scripts and Movies When I Grow UP, I Want To Be The Female Tyler Perry :)But i Dont Know If Is Good Enough And Of Course My Family And Friends Will Say Is Good. I Want To Here From OutSIders Plese Be Honest With Me i Will Really Appreciate it. Thanks God Bless.

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10m Comedy Skits - Just Another High-School Drama.Or Is It???