Jedi Or Not Here I Come...

Jedi Or Not Here I Come...

(3m)   by zach_baumer01

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Narrator- This story takes place all the way before "Order 66" so about Attack of the Clones time... and O here comes the Chancellor now.

(Chancellor talking to Jengo Fett)

Chancellor- Order 66 is almost ready to go right?

Jengo Fett- Yes sir but we have to be ready.

Chancellor- Yas Yas Yas I know i'm not stupid.

(Young Boba Fett walks in)

Jengo Fett- Hello son!

(Young Boba Fett nods his head to signal hi)

Chancellor- What a nice little young lad.*gets a call* Um hello?

Voice on Phone- We are ready.

Chancellor- Perfect.

*** 3 hours later

Jengo Fett- Son hide, Chancellor run i''ll hold off Mace Windu.

*Chancellor and Young Boba Fett run*

Mace Windu- Take this! *kills Jengo Fett* Got him...

Count Dooku- Well I got you *kills Mace Windu**calls Chancellow* I got Mace... but he got Jengo.*Count Dooku walks out..

*Young Boba Fett walks in*

Young Boba Fett- Father....


Chancellor- Yoda you will not get away.

Yoda- I should of NEVER trusted you the force is supposed to be used for good...

Chancellor- Well I use it for bad *kills yoda* I will soo get you all Jedi scum...






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Your Welcome star wars fans! Well mostly dark side fans.

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8 Person 3m Comedy Skits - Jedi Or Not Here I Come...