Gulliver Twist

Gulliver Twist

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Boy: Can I borrow the book on Gulliver Twist!

Librarian: You mean Oliver Twist!

Boy: No, Gulliver Twist!

Librarian: There is no such book known as Gulliver Twist!

Boy: There is, may be it unknown, Gulliver Twist who stays in Sherwood Forest!

Librarian: That's Robin Hood!

Boy: No I am not talking about the Time Traveler!

Librarian: Look there is Gulliver and there is Oliver, they are two separate people!

Boy: Yes but I never said anything about Oliver!

Librarian: Look Oliver is a young lad who is an orphan!

Boy: Well Gulliver finds a ring in Sherwood Forest, kills his father and then becomes an orphan because his Mom already had ran away with Gandalf!

Librarian: Gulliver finds little people!

Boy: There you go! Yes they are called Hobbits! Hobbits just want porridge! They keep on asking "Can I have some more?", "Can I have some more?"

Librarian: No, they are called Lilliputians! You are terribly mistaken!

Boy: Not there is no Lily, you are so silly! Gulliver, Hobbits and Muggles kill Harry Potter the Wizard of Death Star and place Dorothy on the throne!

Librarian: No, now you are mixing Harry Potter and Star Wars!

Boy: Star Wars! Why would two stars fight? It?s so unscientific!

Librarian: I don't have any books! Just go away!

Boy: I am a member of this library and I want Gulliver Twist!

Librarian: Look I will give you Gulliver Travels, Oliver Twist, Harry Potter and Star Wars and you read them all!

Boy: Look! I know that you have the book and you would have given it to your son or nephew!

Librarian: There is no such book! Why don't you search over the internet?

Boy: What?s that?

Librarian: How old are you?

Boy: How old do I look?

Librarian: 15

Boy: You are wrong. I am 16. Yesterday was my birthday!

Librarian: Happy Birthday! Which school do you go?

Boy: I am home schooled! My father said that the standard of education in this country is falling!

Librarian: I want to meet your father!

Boy: Do you believe in God?

Librarian: Yes!

Boy: OK! Then I think it is safe for you to meet him. He is a priest you see!˜

Librarian: OK!

Boy: So where is my book!˜

Librarian: How about I give you a 20 and you leave me in peace!

Boy: 50

Librarian: Here it is?

Boy: Thanks! Well do you have a copy of "20000 leagues under the space" and this time I will give you the author's name˜"Steven Spielberg" Do you have it? Steven wrote the Chinese movie "Jujitsu Park" with Rocky..

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Submitted by vaishal (not verified) on Mon, 10/27/2014 - 13:59
nice& funny.
Submitted by Riley1168 (not verified) on Sun, 03/29/2015 - 03:02
Hey, I was wondering if I could use this piece for forensics this year?
Submitted by bkuniverse on Mon, 03/30/2015 - 04:51
@Riley1168 Please feel free to use any of the scripts.
Submitted by Morven (not verified) on Sun, 02/28/2016 - 10:56
Looking to use this script for local community show.

2m Comedy Skits - Gulliver Twist