Girlfriend Series: Psychic Girlfriend

Girlfriend Series: Psychic Girlfriend

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Boyfriend: I have a present for you. Guess it.

Girlfriend: IPOD

Boyfriend: How do you know?

Girlfriend: I just knew!! Something told me it is an IPOD.

Boyfriend: But you don't seem to be happy.

Girlfriend: Yes and whom did you meet in the mall.

Boyfriend: No one.

Girlfriend: Are you sure?

Boyfriend: Yes I bumped in to my old girlfriend Stella.

Girlfriend: So why didn't you tell me before. I am not going to hurt you. Why do you hide things from me?

Boyfriend: I guessed you would already know. Psychic!

Girlfriend: Don't think of giving me a kiss and making me change the topic now.

Boyfriend:Now you read my thoughts too.

Girlfriend: Yes, I always have been reading your thoughts. Since the day you saw me at the bar and offered to buy a drink for me. I knew what you have been thinking.

Boyfriend: So what next?

Girlfriend: Tell her to drive safely, next time.

Boyfriend: What?

Girlfriend: Check who is calling you.

Boyfriend: God it was on silent. How did you know? Fuck!! It is Stella.

Girlfriend: Go Ahead , she must be in some distress. May be some soccer mom hit her.

(Boyfriend lifts the phone)

Stella: You won't believe a soccer mom hit me when I was parked.

Boyfriend: Ok!! Are you Okk!

Girlfriend: She is fine. Only her knee is hurting

Stella: I am fine. Only my knee is hurting.

Boyfriend: Ok. Good, I will call you later.

(Boyfriend hangs the phone)

Boyfriend: You know what? I am fed up with you.

Girlfriend: Why?

Boyfriend: You know everything , what is in past and what is in future. I will bet on my favorite team or we will bet on some number in casino and may be I will stay. But you are just suffocating you.

Girlfriend: You think I have control over it. I just know what I know.

Boyfriend: Okk! I am calling it off.

Girlfriend: I told you the first time we meet that I work for 'Psychic Hotline'

Boyfriend: I didn't believe that thing works.

Girlfriend: So it is a problem with your belief system. Why are you blaming me?

Boyfriend: Break Up!!

Girlfriend: Okk! I understand. Just drive safely.

Boyfriend: Wait what does that mean?

Girlfriend:Nothing , now that we are broken up , why should I explain what it means.

Boyfriend:Please don't stress me.

Girlfriend:You see future is not set. We can sometimes alter it and more so by hasty and immature decisions.

Boyfriend:You are threatening me.

Girlfriend: I just want to keep you safe and you are safe with me.

Boyfriend: So if I leave you, you will kill me in an accident.

Girlfriend: Of Course Not!! Why would I want anything to happen to you?

Boyfriend: Then I am going.

Girlfriend: Just be sure to wear the seat belt.

Boyfriend: No , just stop. I can't take it any more.

Girlfriend: What? I am just telling you take care of yourself.

Boyfriend: Tell me please will a car hit me if I leave you.

Girlfriend: Do you wish so?

Boyfriend: No

Girlfriend: Then it won't happen. Believe in yourself.

Boyfriend: Ok! I am going. Don't say anything till I go.

Girlfriend: Honey!! I wanted to tell you something.

Boyfriend: Yes.

Girlfriend: I told you that I have no exes.

Boyfriend: Yes.

Girlfriend: That meant that I have no Exes alive.

Boyfriend: What does that mean? You have some curse on you.

Girlfriend: I don't know. All but one them died in car accident.

Boyfriend:What about the one?

Girlfriend: He was a truck driver and he died in truck accident. Another truck hit him.

Boyfriend: Shitt!!

Girlfriend: So you need to marry me.

Boyfriend: No way. I can't.

Girlfriend: You don't seem to have a choice.

Boyfriend: Wait, did they dump you or you dumped them.

Girlfriend: They dumped me.

Boyfriend: Why don't you dump me? May be I will be alive.

Girlfriend: I love you. I am not going to break off.

Boyfriend: Is there any way you can break off!! Please.

Girlfriend: Yes but that won't be free.

Boyfriend: What do you want?

Girlfriend: Your car and fifty grands.

Boyfriend: So it is all about money.

Girlfriend: No. Money can't get you love but if love can get you money. Then what's wrong with that?

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4m Comedy Skits - Girlfriend Series: Psychic Girlfriend