Future Man

Future Man

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Man: Hi! Who are you?

Future Man: I am you from the Future.

Man: From which year are you?

Future Man: From..

Man: So I live that long, my wife says I will die if I don't quit smoking.

Future Man: She is partially right; she will die due to second hand smoke!

Man: So there is no good reason to quit.

Future Man: There is none!

Man: Well I don't look that old!

Future Man: Well you have a hot young wife after this one is gone. So you keep fit!

Man: Well then the Future looks promising!

Future Man: Yes!

Man: So what else? Have you come back for some purpose?

Future Man: Well you need to adopt a kid!

Man: What? No!

Future Man: You adopt one kid and after a few years the mother of that kid comes looking for him and then you both fall in love!

Man: Oh! That’s the young..!

Future Man: Yes!

Man: Doesn't my wife object?

Future Man: She will be dead in a year or so if you continue smoking like this?

Man: I will increase it to two packs!

Future Man: Yes, then you can have a few flings too till the new woman comes!

Man: Wow! You are so kind!

Future Man: I always wanted to help one person in this world. I don't like being selfish. Always think about myself. That’s why I am helping you!

Man: Thanks. But how did you time travel!

Future Man: Well you know the answer!

Man: So "Back to Future" is not a fiction. Doc Brown exists!

Future Man: Well no more. I killed him when he responded to my ad that I really want to meet him.

Man: Why kill him?

Future Man: He refused to share the technology!

Man: So?

Future Man: I sent his car to China and they made a lot of replicas of them.

Man: That’s why I see so many Chinese winning lotteries nowadays!

Future Man: Yes, they all are from Future!

Man: What else exists in the Future?

Future Man: Nothing much after the third world war!

Man: Third World War! Who started it?

Future Man: No one knows. Why do you care?  Someone hacked in to a few computers in various countries connected and these computers were connected to nuclear missiles and they launched them. So the whole world started fighting!

Man: How did you survive?

Future Man: Well Doc Brown had warned me in advance. Come to think of it, he was a nice guy!

Man: So!

Future Man: So I just left in this machine before the war started!

Man: But you could have saved the world!

Future Man: Look when you have a time machine you have many things to do. Saving the world isn’t a priority and I like keeping a low profile! So it was something I felt not that necessary!

Man: OK.

Future Man: I have brought a few diamonds for you from the past. Sell them on ebay when your wife is dead and live a great life! I am going now! See you around!

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Submitted by Robfuturistic on Mon, 08/24/2015 - 08:58
hey can i use this for a video for youtube
Submitted by bkuniverse on Tue, 08/25/2015 - 08:49
@RobFuturistic Please feel free to use any of my scripts.

2m Comedy Skits - Future Man