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Cat is the Manager and the Frog reports to her! Cat: I don't see you at your desk!

Frog: But I..

Cat: Let me complete, you are constantly hopping around!

Frog: I am working most of the time!

Cat: And if you want to move from one place to another, can't you walk? Be a little professional, I mean hopping around in the workplace is rude!

Frog: I can't walk!

Cat: You don't want to walk. Everyone can walk. Even the crow can walk. The crow can fly.

Frog: Hmm!

Cat: Now you are tongue tied and the other day you were sticking your tongue out before me!

Frog: I was having my lunch!

Cat: You eat flies and I have no objection to that , though personally I find it quite disgusting and you have this excuse that you have to stick your tongue out and catch and eat a fly!

Frog: Yes!

Cat: No one is going to buy this!

Frog: But its true!

Cat: You just want to prove you are special, different from others. You hop and you can't walk. You eat flies. You stick your tongue out and eat flies. May I ask you , if you are so special then why don't you fly like the crow?

Frog: I can't fly

Cat: The crow and you joined here at the same time and he can fly and you can't. You both got the same time and opportunity and yet he can fly and you can't. Do you want to say anything about it?

Frog: Crow is a bird and I am not a bird. I can swim and the crow can?t do it!

Cat: We have been told to kill rats. Now rats are not found in water, at least not the living ones (laughs). Are they?

Frog: No!

Cat: Then what is good is your swimming for us!

Frog: OK! But I can't catch rats!

Cat: Because you can't think beyond catching flies! You lack a vision!

Frog: No. Give me the work I can do!

Cat: I think you can't do anything. So do you want us to fire you!

Frog: No , please I have kids.

Cat: Yes and even they are hopping around!

Frog: I can't catch rats. They are bigger and they will kill me if I try to do that!

Cat: Your irrational fear will kill you first! I have killed many rats and the reason for that is my positive outlook and self confidence!

Frog: You are a cat and nature has given you these claws and size to kill them!

Cat: I think you are watching Animal Planet, Nat Geo channels too much. That's all fiction!

Frog: I can't kill rats. I want to do something else!

Cat: OK! You have to meet the mongooses and they will tell you spy in the snakes!

Frog: No , I can't do that!

Cat: Now you can camouflage and you love to hide especially when some work is being assigned. No one will notice you! I selected you based on this skill. Don't embarrass us now!

Frog: Snakes will eat me!

Cat: Excuses! Excuses! and more excuses! You want us to pay you for eating flies!

Frog: But thats what I was hired for!

Cat: But do you see any flies around?

Frog: No, because I ate them all!

Cat: I still see flies in the attic! But anyways, that was the last year project! What about the future!

Frog: Please send me to some other place where there are flies!

Cat: See, you should have a diverse skill set or else in this competitive world you will perish. What if there are no flies in this world? Then what are you going to do?

Frog: I don't know!

Cat: You should know and if you don?t then you should ask around to people who are willing to help and are more experienced and qualified than you are! That's why I am telling you, you make a choice, rats or snakes! I am not only your manager but I am also your mentor, your coach!

Frog: Rats!

Cat: Good, or else you would have to sell your legs to some restaurant or donate yourself to a biology lab, because we don?t want to keep to people who don?t want to do anything. So please design a plan over a weekend and present it to me on Monday!

Frog: OK!

Cat: And I don't want to hear you croaking again in the presentation!

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Submitted by kinze14 (not verified) on Tue, 09/10/2013 - 13:51
this was a weird skit
Submitted by bkuniverse on Sun, 09/22/2013 - 02:41
@kinze14 yes it is
Submitted by Crazy_Girl1070 (not verified) on Thu, 11/14/2013 - 05:24
Nice play. Funny too :D
Submitted by bkuniverse on Thu, 11/14/2013 - 06:06
@Crazy_Girl1070 Thanks.

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