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Mom1: My son counts the alphabets in reverse
Mom2: Is he autistic?
Mom1: No I mean he can also count alphabets in reverse.
Mom2: Well you should see my son, he sings so well. The other day I thought it is someone singing on the TV.
Mom1: He must be asking for food. I mean how can your son sing without being able to talk.
Mom2: Do you understand the lyrics of all the songs you hear?
Mom1: No.
Mom2: Do you think the singers who are singing neccessarily know what they are singing?
Mom1: No.
Mom2: But you still believe that they are singing. Right. Same way , my son sings even if he doesn't know the lyrics of the song.
Mom1: My son dances every now and then.
Mom2: It must be some insect biting him. Did you check on his clothes? My son knows that his 
papa has come just by hearing the footsteps.He is so bright.
Mom1: My dog knows it when my husband is a mile away from my house. So is my dog .. ohh sorry, my puppy is more intelligent than your son.
Mom2: Whatever? 
Mom1: My son is cute. Everybody wants to take a snap of him.
Mom2: You should get him checked for thyroid. He has a puffy face. 
The other day my son climbed the sofa. He is athletic.
Mom1: Yes well that happens when you mate with a primate forcibly.
Mom2: Excuse Me!!
Mom1: My husband and your husband other friends used to call him a monkey, because he used to be so good at climbing trees. 
Mom2: Ok!!
Mom1: But you should appreciate my son for this.He really is an angel.He sleeps so peacefully at night.
Mom2: Just put a video camera in your baby's room, you never know some satanic force might be babysitting him? 
Mom1: You know what happened. His grandpa missed his medication and was not feeling well and my son kept pointing to the medicine the whole day.
Mom2: That is nothing , my son called up the doctor when I was not feeling well.
Mom1: Your son is just 3 like my son. How did he talk to the doctor?
Mom2: Well , I need to go now. We will catch up later. Bye!!

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Submitted by Sylvialobo421_9339 on Wed, 06/28/2017 - 06:20
So what is the moral behind this please can you tell me??
Submitted by Sylvialobo421_9339 on Wed, 06/28/2017 - 06:21
Because I wanted it for a moral mono acting

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