At The Dentist

At The Dentist

(5m)   by Lenard

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Dentist: Hello there.

Customer: Hi doctor.

Dentist: And how are you sir?

Customer: You know. The usual.

Dentist: That’s good to hear. And have you been brushing your teeth?

Customer: My crowns.

Dentist: Beg your pardon?

Customer: You meant to ask, have I been brushing my crowns. I barely have any teeth left in me, thanks to you. Most of them are replaced with crowns.

Dentist: Very well. Have you been brushing your crowns?

Customer: Not that much. I mean they’re crowns, right? It’s not like they’re going to rot away.

Dentist: You should still brush.

Customer: I fail to see why.

Dentist: Have it your way. Let’s check your jaws. Ahh, number three is in pretty bad shape. Looks like you’re going to have to get…

Customer: Another crown?

Dentist: Yes. How did you know that?

Customer: Ah, just a wild guess.

Dentist: And what color would you like? May I recommend the same color as your tooth.

Customer: You may not. I want a ten shades whiter crown.

Dentist: I don’t recommend that. It will stick out with the rest of our teeth.

Customer: What teeth! I have four, maybe five teeth left in my jaws, and I would bet my monthly income that you’re planning to replace those as well within the next year. What idiot would I be to replace yellow teeth with yellow crowns? Where is the improvement in that?

Dentist: I can get you five shades whiter crown.

Customer: Oh yeah. Well, the last time I checked I was the customer and I paid for my crowns. Unless you feel generous today and offer to pay for…

Dentist: All right, all right. Eight shades whiter.

Customer: Deal. It’ll go well with the rest of my crowns, which are all eight shades whiter, just so you now.

Dentist: I do know, but I still don’t recommend it. When you smile it almost looks like a piano…

Customer: Shut it! Another year and it will all be over. You’ll take every penny out of my pocket, I’ll have an eight shades whiter set of crowns and we can both go our merry ways and never see each other again. God knows I won’t miss you doctor.

Dentist: It doesn't’t work that way. Even if I do replace the rest of your teeth with crowns, you’ll still have to come on a regular basis. Your oldest crowns are reaching the critical ten year mark, and it is absolutely essential that I keep an eye on those.

Customer: In other words, I’ll never get rid of you.

Dentist: No sir. My hand will be in your pocket for many more years.

Customer: Shame on you doctor. You know I don’t make that much.

Dentist: And we’re all done for today. Let schedule another appointment in let’s say two weeks. Don’t forget to stop at the front desk, to pay the bill. And we’re also taking donations for the latest earthquake in …

Customer: Don’t care. No donations today.

Dentist: Bye now.

Customer grunts.

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