A Monkey Escapes

A Monkey Escapes

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Reporter: How did the monkey escape? Zoo Keeper: When we get him back you will be the first person I tell that?

Reporter: Why not now?

Zoo Keeper: I need to ask him first ..

Reporter: So you don't have cameras

Zoo Keeper: Why do we need cameras in a zoo?

Reporter: For the safety of animals

Zoo Keeper: If the animals were so concerned about their safety .. they would not try to run away 

like Steve Bobs ..

Reporter: Steve Bobs? !!

Zoo Keeper: Thats the monkeys name ..

Reporter: It looks like a man's name 

Zoo Keeper: Yes even I was surprised when Steve introduced himself ..

Reporter: You mean the monkey can talk..

Zoo Keeper: Yes but ofcourse how else would he let me know his name .. It is difficult for them to write down.. they can hold 

things but can't write ..

Reporter: Are you saying monkeys can talk !!

Zoo Keeper: No , but this one could ..

Reporter: Why didn't you tell us before?

Zoo Keeper: I didn't tell because no one seems to understand the Monkey Accent , but for me ..

Reporter: But how can a monkey talk!!

Zoo Keeper: The NASA spend some few billion dollars of tax payers money on educating monkeys ..

Reporter: What?

Zoo Keeper: They want to colonize Mars with monkeys who can talk ..

Reporter: Why monkeys?

Zoo Keeper: Monkeys work work for peanuts ..thats why ..

Reporter: What?

Zoo Keeper: NASA plans to send monkeys to Mars so that they can colonize Mars and send us all the raw materials we need and ask only peanuts in return ..

Reporter: So what happened ..

Zoo Keeper: SO this Steve Bobs sent his brother Steve Robs at the end to Mars ..

Reporter: What is the problem with Steve Robs ..

Zoo Keeper: Steve Robs talk less and mostly keeps to himself but boy he wants a thousand dollars before he does anything ..

Reporter: Then ..

Zoo Keeper: So NASA sold this monkey to us so that they can recover some money ..

Reporter: What about other monkeys in NASA?

Zoo Keeper: They have become alcoholics and mumble things which no one understands ..

Reporter: Why doesn't NASA prevent them from drinking ..

Zoo Keeper: A pissed off monkey is similar to a pissed off Soccer Mom ..

Reporter: I got it ..Why are you telling me this secret?

Zoo Keeper: No one will believe it as it is!!

Reporter: Now what?

Zoo Keeper: Steve will come back when he feels lonely , as he is aware of much more things than an average monkey he won't be able to fit him..

I am getting calls from unknown numbers and no one is talking from other end .. I know its him ..

Reporter: Is he dangerous ..

Zoo Keeper: Well he dislikes insensitivity ...

Reporter: Like what?

Zoo Keeper: In general he expects people to bow to him and say "Hello !! Good Morning!! or Good Afternoon!!" , whatever the day is ..Just general things ..

Reporter: If someone doesn't do that ..

Zoo Keeper: He sits on their head and dances ..

Reporter: Then what to do?

Zoo Keeper: Shout MJ and he will do a Moon Walk and slide off your head ..

Reporter: Thanks. Nice talking to you.. lets hope the monkey comes back ..

Zoo Keeper: Yes , we have his mother with us .. he will .. he will

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Submitted by Manu (not verified) on Sat, 08/10/2013 - 13:03
wow...........what a great talk

5m Comedy Skits - A Monkey Escapes