Toyota Humor

Toyota Humor

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Just drove my new Toyota from Dallas to Cleveland in 12 minutes...couldn't stop until I hit Philly...literally.

As a gesture of goodwill, Elizabeth Edwards just bought her husband a new Camry...

In his testimony before Congress Toyota's CEO, Akio Toyoda, went on and on and couldn't stop...hey, there's a surpise!

Toyoda did say, that as a rebuke of his company's recent blunders, he would be changing his name...and was leaning toward "Larry Finkelstein."

After several Toyotas parked at dealerhips popped into "Drive" and took off on their own, Toyota Marketing Mavens back at the home office came up with a novel slogan; "The New Toyotas: So hot, we can't keep'em on our lots!"





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Toyota jokes are easy to write and I can't stop...ironically, neither can Toyotas!

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