The Curious Title : UX Designer

The Curious Title : UX Designer

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You know what?s funny about some UX Designers out there.

They don?t design at all.

You give them a task. ?Layout this app.?

The most you can get are complaints.

?I cant?t do that.?

?I don?t use layout software.?

I mean , How can you design experience without those basic stuff?

So, what can they do?

Research, Testing, study metrics, Observe people.

Man! Can you even call that design?

You see designing is the last skill written on their CV.

Ask them about font or color harmony and they?ll answer you, ?What is that??

Maybe they just want to attached the term ?Designer? on their title, I don?t know maybe to get attention.

?Ooh you?re a designer, what do you do??

?I observe people and watch them use this application.?

?Ooh, that?s cool. Can I be your friend.?

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1.5m Comedy Monologues - The Curious Title : UX Designer