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(prop needed: a cell phone to receive a call at the end)

Texting is huge.

We’re starting to prefer it to talking.

We’d rather send a text message then get stuck in some fluffy conversation

Where you need to improv some cool sounding introduction, like…

“Hi Sid it’s Don, Yeah....how are ya doing?” (like you really care)

I mean, You wanna sound like you care

But now you’ve asked a question. Big mistake

What if they’re not doing well?

Now you’re stuck in some counselling session that someone else gets paid like $60 an hour for.

And You’re stuck doing this for nothing.

Then there’s the conclusion…

How to get out of a conversation without offending someone?

You both know the conversations over

You’ve reached that awkward silence, trying to shut the door on this chitchat

We try and send cues to signal a conversation is closing like…

“yeah Ok...uhh I’ve got some stuff to do so...” (No you don’t)

The truth is you’re bored but can’t say it.

Forest Gump could do it, but we can’t be that honest.

*Forest* “Sid? I’m bored. And that’s all I’ve got to say about this. Goodbye” *click*

You see how easy that is?

But no, we...

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Please accept my friend request but I don't know how I will see that you accepted and I can see the full lenght! Your a really good writer and I wanna use a couple of your scripts for my YouTube videos!
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would you please accept my friend request so I can use this in full? can i use this for an audition? thanks!
Submitted by Johnny K (not verified) on Sat, 06/25/2011 - 03:35
With all respect, I admire your work but I don't see why don't go after bigger goals, you could be a writer for a show. Honestly, I think your work is boring and thats what makes it good, keep it up.
Submitted by cindydd on Sat, 09/17/2011 - 04:34
I love the texting monologue. Could you please accept my friend request so that I may use this in an audition? Thank you!!
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