Family Friendly?

Family Friendly?

(2m)   by joejoe89

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I took the family out to a nice restaurant last night.  The food was okay, but the service was voluptuous...I think the name of it was HOOTERS.  I never understood that advertising they do.  You ever seen that picture they have of a whole family sitting down eating.  You know mother, father, and their two kids.  I'm not saying it's not a nice atmosphere, but the only thing their missing is the room in the back with a chair and a pole.  This place is like an undercover go-go bar.  Do you think the parents of young Sparkle ever cam to visit her at work?  I can just picture that.  Mom, Dad, and Sparkle's younger brother Hunter, with his friend.  They sit down at the table glancing at the menue, but really can't help but stare at the chick's quarter of ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of that spandex like zip lock bag with leg holes ( I think they call them shorts), and it's not that the shirts are tight their just incomplete.  I think all the Ethiopian kids that they had mass producing these shirts started them but died of hunger before they can get them suitable for a grown person.  But the attire is deemed accordingly for a family enviornment plus I'm not complaining.  I'm still trying to figure out if staring is welcomed or not.  I know at a strip club it's practically customary to picture this chick, who is so passionately titty fucking the pole, to be holding my penis with her mouth, but does this follow over into the hooters world?  Where i see no poles, but plenty of ass shaking and boobie bouncing.  Anyway, back to Sparkle...can you see her coming over to serve her family her family lovingly.  How do you give her complements "oh sweetie you look so professional, I'm glad to see you shrunk your shirt to the perfect size.  I can barely see you areola, oh and no underwear, good thinking kido, lets not leave anything to the imagination, plus I bet you save a load on laundry detergent".  Meanwhile Hunter is still disgusted because he was fantasizing about eating some asshole for the first time in the hooters bathroom with the waitress ... before he realized it was his sister.

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