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I don’t really like clubbing and it’s mostly because I am very uncomfortable around a lot of people. There is, however, one thing that annoys me and that is people who come to clubs, sit in the corner, buy the most expensive bottle of wine and sit the whole night through just sipping one glass. Sorry I thought this was a club, either you drink or dance or get out, haven’t any of them heard of their living room. They are wasting space and the most aggravating thing is they are seen as cool and the club staff defer to them in some manner, why? Is it because they have a little bit of money? Mostly its celebrities who do this because they cannot pay enough to get their already publicised bodies some attention, why are you making business arrangements in an overcrowded room, with dim and distracting multi-coloured lighting and deafeningly loud music. Get an office!!! A club isn’t the place for a chat and a drink, I think there should be signboards saying “drinking and dancing only.” Those who enjoy clubbing have a nice time and please do it properly and if you see any that are not chuck them out.

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Submitted by heyu (not verified) on Fri, 10/28/2011 - 15:04
this is a very good monologue. you said what we were all thinking keep up the good work
Submitted by jonny kamoto (not verified) on Mon, 10/06/2014 - 20:06
like tthis,its clubbing not home resting

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