That Manager

That Manager

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That Manager

Drummond the receptionist has working for 3 months with this Blue chip company, a few mishaps along the way but on the whole not bad at all. Polly is the branch manager and his supervisor, he likes her because she is nice and pretty and always volunteering information. Unfortunately she has an unforgiveable flaw??

It is a Friday morning, thank God and the office is sparsely populated but nice and quiet. Drummond makes himself a cup of tea and settles down to the day?s work. Polly has been so supportive. She walks towards him with a broad smile.

Polly: ?Is everything okay here??

Drummond: ?Yes thanks, trying to keep it short.?

He gently and coyly moves away from her a bit but not too much in order not to make it too obvious. She carries on speaking as she inches closer.

Polly: ?Thank God it is Friday, what a week eh? Any plans for the weekend, football, pub, it is going to be a warm weekend??

Drummond: ?I have not decided yet but I?ll probably have a quiet one?

The phone rings to his utter relief and she leaves immediately, going to plague someone else with her disease he reckons. She does talk a lot and tends to come so close when she is talking which isn?t quite bad it is the other thing she does that sucks.
The phone rings again a complicated enquiry this time, he has to ring Polly, he wished she?d just sit at her desk and answer his questions instead of coming over to him all the time. She comes over immediately.

Drummond: ?The gentleman on the phone seems very angry and wants to make a formal complaint about a purchase order from France, what shall I do??

Polly: ?Oh dear we do have these calls now and again, ask him to report the incident to the manager of the branch he initially contacted.?

Drummond passes the information on to the man but still hangs on to the phone hoping she would leave. She stands there looking at him and then at the phone puzzled. He has no choice at this point but to hang up.

Polly: ?I hate it when such calls come in people could be so rude.?

She says as she moves closer while he moves away, making even more room for her to fill up.

Polly: ?In those days you were allowed to give such people a piece of your mind, but not now, these days you have to be watchful of what you say, blah blah blah??..?

She releases a little shower of saliva on the side of his face. How the hell does she not realise she is doing this dreadful thing? He thinks. She keeps on talking. He just hopes the damn phone would ring as there is no more room to move in.
Annoyingly, she moves even closer as she also tends to whisper when she is gossiping. Arrgh!!
Then it happened, a large platter of spit flew out of her mouth and on to the shoulder of his shirt and chin.

Drummond: For fuck sake Polly will you just keep your drooling mouth shut and fuck right off . He yells as he makes for the toilet with his hand over his mouth wretching and gagging as he dashes out??.

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Submitted by Anis (not verified) on Wed, 09/15/2010 - 14:49
this script is very descriptive though it stops just as it gets funny you could put a few more gags in to make it more funny it was rather funny
Submitted by Cherol (not verified) on Sat, 06/04/2011 - 09:24
not very funny. sorry.
Submitted by DIGItech (not verified) on Sat, 08/13/2011 - 07:55
On the writing, format, the choice of terms and phrases I would give a C+. The comedic aspect is cliche and kind of crude to most audience to see even artificial saliva being projected close to another person's mouth; the spitting it may have worked, projected perhaps in another direction(s), increased quantity, with naturally an increase in the velocity, maybe. However who is the audience? Keep in mind the script format vs. short story with dialogue format. Timing and rythm is key to comedic dialogue, the last line in this particular scritp is upon which the entire emotional release is dependent; has to be smashing, basically got to be the mutharfukin shit! This particular one however lacks flow, comedic esthetics. e for effort please continue writing

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