What Was That Sound

What Was That Sound

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(Creepy noise)
Stacy: What is that?
(Creepy noise again)
Stacy: Oh my god!! I?m so scared! Minnie and Trixie needs to hurry up!
(Creepy noise again)
(Stacy tries to reach Minnie and she left a voicemail)
Stacy: Minnie, you and Trixie needs to hurry y?all tails up. I?m getting scared out of my mind. I keep hearing creepy noises and it makes me want to leave, so PLEASE HURRY!!!!
(Minnie and Trixie walks towards Stacy)
(Stacy ran towards Minnie and Trixie once she saw them and gave them a big hug)
Stacy: Oh my god, y?all finally here!!!
Minnie: (look puzzled) Stacy, are you feeling okay?
Stacy: If I tell you, you probably won?t believe me.
Trixie: Girl, just tell us already.
Stacy: Okay dang Trixie! (Giving Trixie a mean look) When I was waiting for both of you, I keep hearing creepy noises over and over.
Minnie: (still looked puzzled) what creepy noises?
(Creepy noise)
Stacy: That noise!
Trixie: Uh Stacy, you must be paranoid.
Stacy: Listen to me Trixie, I?m not paranoid. I do hear creepy noises.
Trixie: You are paranoid.
Stacy: No I?m not paranoid Trixie.
Minnie: Yes you are paranoid Stacy. Trixie and I don?t hear the noises that you?re thinking you?re hearing.
(Stacy hears creepy noises continuous)
Stacy: (screams) let?s get out of here! These noises won?t leave me alone.
Minnie: Okay, are you sure?
Trixie: Minnie, I think she is sure by the way how she looks right now
(Minnie, Stacy, and Trixie walked off)

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Submitted by deasjia (not verified) on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 08:28
i dont like it's short
Submitted by bum (not verified) on Mon, 01/11/2016 - 10:54
its terrible, theres no plot at all, nothing happens In it

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