What Doesn't Get Aired 2

What Doesn't Get Aired 2

(30-60m)   by travis

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Episode3 like a virgin
Credits play
Scene 1
Group all sitting around fire in the studio
Ayrton: alright first sexual experience
Reon: me first!! Jenny Spieling 1996
Jodie: wait that means you were 1?!?!
Reon: I was very mature for my age
Jess: if only it stayed that way
Reon (cont): I nearly fell of the teeter tooter
Jess: moving on your first Ayrton?
Ayrton: 2 years ago with Jodie
Michael: wait! That?s when I was going out with her?!?!?
Ayrton: she needed some sweet satisfaction
Michael shoves Ayrton head into ground
Michael: you shall pay for your betrayal!!!
Ayrton gives Michael $2
Ayrton: go buy yourself something nice like clothes that don?t smell if that?s possible!!
Michael kicks Ayrton in the balls, Ayrton starts rolling around on the ground in pain
Travis: when was your first Jodie???
Jodie: with Reon 2 years 1 day ago ???. I mean Ayrton 2 years ago!!
Ayrton death stares Reon
Jodie: what about you Travis???
Ayrton hitting Reon with a baseball bat in background
Travis: boy?s bible camp 1999
Group all stare at Travis even Reon and Ayrton
Jess: that?s so wrong!!!
Travis: that?s what he said how?d you know jess?!?!?
Jodie: let?s forget about that!!! Michael when was your first???
Ayrton, Reon and jess all throwing up in the background
Michael: black breach city behind the statues
Travis: WOW sex doesn?t count!!! When was your 2nd time?!?!?
Michael: in WOW??
Travis hits Michael
Travis: no dumbass in real life!!!
Michael: it never happened in real life
Group stares at Michael; start to sing ?like a virgin?
Michael: I?m not a virgin!!!
Random people from the street start joining in singing
Michael: I?m not a virgin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael runs out of the studio crying
Jodie: think we took it too far??
Travis: who cares we have bigger problems
Whole studios on fire, Reons massing Ayrton, cops arresting plus tazering Travis
Jess: UN cool!!!!
End of scene
Scene 2
Ayrton and Reon sitting in a plane
Reon: hey if you?re here who?s looking after the studio?!?!?
Ayrton: I left Michael in charge
Reon stares at Ayrton
Goes to scene of building on fie again Michael busy playing WOW doesn?t care about fire
Ayrton: bad decision??
Reon: no shit Sherlock!!!
The plane starts to shake
Captain (over loud speaker): don?t worry people that?s just a bit of turbulence
Wings fly past window
Captain (cont): that?s normal don?t panic
Plane is on fire
Captain (cont): still fine
Roof of plane is ripped off
Captain (cont): this is still normal!!! , Oh my god we got the wrong sized cup holders!!!! Everyone panic! PANIC!!!!
stewardesses (cheerfully): now if you will all just fasten your seatbelts, because we?re about to crash into a mountain, and the crash will probably kill you all but I don?t care cause your all assholes anyway!!! I mean what am I your maid!?!?!?!
Reon: yes!
Stewardess: shut up!!!
Plane crashes into mountain and explodes
End of scene
Scene 3
Travis and Jodie walking through the mall
Travis: so you?re telling me there?s actually a place where lonely depressed women go and are really easy to sleep with?!?!?!?
Jodie: yes it?s called an abortion clinic
They walk past a store hot chick inside, Travis slowly walks back
Travis: oh my god!!!!!
Jodie: she?s not that hot!
Men all crowding around windows of shop
Jodie: oh come on!!!!!
Zooms out zooms in on Deanna and jess outside studio
Deanna: now that you?ve been fired you can become a mad stalker fan like me!
Jess: I keep telling you I quit because they were going to sell my contract!!!!
Deanna: yeah yeah let me tell you the story of how I was fired
Cue flashback of Travis walking past
Travis: you?re fired
Goes back to reality
Deanna: but anyway after that I got into the stalking game and now I have 3001 friends on face book
Jess: seriously???
Deanna: no I just want to fell special?? but anyway let?s get u dressed
Deanna raises a suit bag shows jess suit
Jess: no way I?m not wearing that!!!!!!!!!!!!
End of scene
Scene 4
Michael walking down road hot chicks all looking at him
Michael: anyone want to come to my house and play WOW??
Girls stare and start to laugh
Michael (cont): I?ll let you be my dwarf character????
Girls? still laughing a guy walks up to Michael
Man: I'm a moderator on WOW and now you?re banned for life
Michael: Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 minutes later Michael curled up in a ball cutting himself like a emo, hot girls walk up
Girl 1: are you ok??
Michael: no!! I?m banned from WOW for 3 days!!!!!!!!!!! And I still haven?t gotten laid yet!!!
Girl 2: we can fix that
Michael (excited): really???????????
Girl 1: no you?re happy now we only go for sad people!!!
Michael: noooooooooo why god why?!?!?!?!?
Zooms out zooms in on Travis still in front of store
Jodie: Travis why are you still here you obviously stand no chance
Hot chick: anyone got a pen??
All men go to get a pen jumping over stands running into newsagent buying one stealing one guy gets back
Guy: I have 1 he?..
Travis hits him in gut and steals the pen
Travis: right here madam
Hot chick: thank you very much
Jodie (to herself): smart move
End of scene
Scene 5
Reon and Ayrton walking through wilderness
Reon: I?m telling you she was hot
Ayrton: she was dead and burnt to death!!!
Reon: she was still hot
They walk onto the street, Michael walks by
Michael (sad): hey Reon hey Ayrton
Reon: no what has happened the world has been inhabited by ugly monkeys
Michael: hey I?m not that ugly!!!!!
Ayrton jabs Michael with a stick that?s on fire, lights Michael on fire he runs around screaming
Reon: poor monkey
Reon Stabs Michael with stick
Michael rolls around on the floor in pain
Michael: I deserve this!!!!!!!!!!!
Ayrton: shut up Michael!!
Zooms out zooms in jess in a chicken suit Deanna dressed up as colonel sanders
Jess: so you don?t only stalk the breakfast show??
Deanna: god no!! You know how boring that would be?!?!?
Random: hey the breakfast shows starting!!
Deanna: oh my god!!! Everyone to the TV!!!
Every person on the street runs to the TV store starts watching the breakfast show
Credits for the breakfast show start
Credits stop Michael standing at anchor desk
Michael: hello I?m Michael the WOW reporter but today I?m just Michael the non WOW player!! Who?s a virgin!!!!!!!!
The crowd goes silent and stares at the TV
Michael (cont): today I?m going to tell you about my life with WOW there was this one time when I was playing and?..
Crowd starts screaming running around in circles
Scene changes to Jodie and Travis in front of the hot chicks shop
Jodie: I?m Jodie the weather girl but today I?m going to tell you about love Travis here has?.
Jodie gets interrupted by a guy walking up the hot chick runs out and starts making out with him
Jodie: uh oh!
Travis goes crazy hits camera man, camera turned sideways see Travis hitting comic nerds and the chick?s boyfriend, a spear lands by camera and Ayrton and Reon walk in wearing nothing but a loincloth hitting nerds with Travis
End of scene
Scene 6
Comes back Michael still depressed telling stories about WOW, Reon and Ayrton being locked up by police, Jodie trying to calm Travis and lots of nerds lying on the ground beat up
Jodie: umm hi, while I calm Travis lets go to Reon with celebrity watch
Reon running from cops with handcuffs still on
Reon: thanks Jodie now at the moment I can?t see any but I?ll keep looking
Reon trips and police start hitting him with their batons goes back to Jodie
Jodie: oh sorry Reon that?s not good enough so ill have to ask the cops to remove 1 testicle 2 if their up for it
Reon: noooooo!!!!
Here chainsaw in background
Travis: hahahahaha suck Reon!!
Jodie: ohh looks like that?s all the time we got here so all I can say is ???? no Reon don?t resist it will be even worse!!!!
End credits for the breakfast show
After everyone?s left, Michael and the hot chick still there
Hot chick: you want to do it??
End credits play
After credits finish
Michael and hot chick in a room
Michael: I swear to god this never happened before!!!!!! , my WOW severs usually fast

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2nd script for the series belongs to jebus aka travis

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30-60m Short Comedy Movies - What Doesn't Get Aired 2