Trip to town

Trip to town

(2m)   by andrey1270

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Gladys is a baby sitter. She works for The Prestons, a wealthy couple with 4 children.  Peter 11, Janice  9, Julie 3 and Rupert who is 10 months old. Emma Preston has asked Gladys to take the kids out while she attends a function with her husband all day.

When Gladys arrives there is chaos everywhere screams of delight, yelling. Emma, the mother is racing frantically after Julie to get her to put her sandals on.

Emma: ?Peter! They?ll leave without you, I hope you are not hiding again, will you come out please??  ?Gladys everything is packed in the bags for you, please call me if there is a problem?.

They set off to the Underground Station. Repair works! Bugger!! They?ll have to take the bus around today. They visit the Museum, the funfair, have lunch and go shopping. Finally they are on a 2 hours 45 minute bus ride home and all the kids are cranky, tired and restless, the bus is very full and noisy. Peter is throwing rolled up paper at the girls, Rupert, usually adorable now irritable.

Gladys: ?Okay kids, Peter! Julie! ??Janice!  Get ready we?ll be getting off soon.?

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2m Short Comedy Movies - Trip to town