Goat Song

Goat Song

(Unknown)   by Martin

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Release the inner Jasper!!!

A working class man content with failing supresses all that is great about him, until one day all that pent up creativity has enough and takes over. So Jasper Thornfalcon is born!

Jasper is a Terry Thomas style cad; he finds himself at a TV station, and somehow blags his way into creating a late night satellite show called 201 things you really shouldn't do in the west country. Will he let lack of knowledge get in his way? Of course not; he is Jasper Thornfalcon after all!

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Hi; This is a story about a failure of a man, and his dormant subconscious. One day that subconscious has enough, and decides to stage a coup involving a suspiciously false moustache, and a whole world of pent up creativity and bullshit.

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