When I Come Home From School

When I Come Home From School

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Me: (sighs*) Finally, last hour, so glad to get this day over with

Me: WHAT is THIS!! a TEST, I didn't even study

Me: I'm TOTALLY going to fail

Me: Oh time to go home

A: (yelling*) HEY UR HOME!! AAAUUGGHH!!

Me: I'm home, yay, and why are you yelling


Momma: Girl you better find out why you yelling before I "yell" you

A: Fine nut head 

Me: What you just call me

A: Non of YOUR B's waxs Emma


B: (bardging in the house*) HEY! Everybody

Me and A: Hey! Regina

B: Beatrice let play robl-

Momma: -Who dat; who in the house

A: its Regina Ma

Momma: Oh

B: Lets play on your sisters phone

A: even though she's gonna say no, lets try anyway

B: Emma can we play on you-

Me: -No you may NOT

A: But EMMA!!

Me: but NOTHING!!

B: Emma that's no fai-


B: Why is everybody just cutting me off toda-

Me: -you two OOOUUUTTT!!!

B: but i want to say why are you cutting me-

me; i said go go now before i slap you that the poop that is in you will come out

b;ok i do not want you slaping-

me; go now 

b;stop doing that you guys cut me of

b; i will go play roblox​​​​

a; bye regina


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