The Incident in the Dining

The Incident in the Dining

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Child: Is it ok to pass gas.

The boy whisper on his dad.

The dad remembers that the child haven?t discharge for 2 days, he look around, he knew the foulness very well, he imagines his boss and his boss wife, just right beside him, loosing their appetite.
It can be a disaster, this can break or make his promotion. He had prepared the turkey, the salad and the salsa to perfection. He cannot loose this one.

Dad: Excuse yourself and go to the toilet.

The dad utters in silent.

The boy started to leave when the unwanted sound of gas escaping conquers the dining.

Dad: Ohh, I?m sorry it?s my ringtone, Iris, can you fetch the phone for me.

Not a second have passed when that awful smell had register to everyone around the table. The dad had a short glance with his wife, with his colleagues, with his boss?s wife and then with his boss. He taps his child, take a deep breath and made an eye contact with the innocent boy.

Dad: Passing of gas is a natural process, it is a by product of carbohydrate breaking down in your stomach and intestines. Apparently, manners can be learned. You can hold it a little bit longer and pass it in a place where you won?t bother people.

Child: Dad! It?s not me.

The boss stands up, walks away in the direction of the comfort room.

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