Survival Song

Survival Song

(2.5m)   by gritt brewer

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snow falls gently on the ground covers up our sleepy town
then It thaws and everyone  drowned loads of bodies just floating around
so when winter came and snow arrived
I didn't build snowmen  I ran for my life
how I laughed at those who died
as I moved to the Sahara where snow don't survive

safe from snow and lightly tanned
amongst the rolling dunes of soft feathery sand
but every year it doth expand
overwhelming formerly fertile land
so when I spied sand unrestrained
I built some tracks borrowed a train
went to the rain forest where every grain
would be rained upon and mercilessly slain

the old rain forest what a place
trees as old as the human race
the peace and quiet was to my taste
until man chopped them down with great haste
once many trees did congregate
until attacked by reprobates
not for a moment did I hesitate
I headed underground where it was safe

safe at last I was pleased
it was time to feel at ease
at first the moles taunt and tease
but soon I had them on bended knee
for it ain't hard to dominate the mole
be master of this myopic soul
for they were content with a subsidiary role
as I achieved my subterranean domination goal

but I couldn't help but think all the while
I'd suffered much travelled many miles
I concluded that its hard to smile
when you lay all day beneath the soil
simple joys are sorely missed
its hard sometimes just to exist
paranoia drives one around the twist
the lure of home is hard to resist

snow fell gently on the ground
and covered up our sleepy town
then it thawed and everyone drowned
loads of bodies just floating around
when winter came and snow arrived
I didn't build snowmen or run for my life
but I had a laugh at those who died
as I shouted from my ark ain't you heard of Noah guys

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this is a global warming song

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2.5m Funny Stories - Survival Song