Old Heckler Joke Re-visited

Old Heckler Joke Re-visited

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Scene: A hustings meeting in the back room of a pub on the Royal Mile. Cigarette smoke, clinking of beer glasses etc. A large poster on the front wall reads, Vote for MacFettes X. Mr MacFettes, the speaker, stands at the front of the room addressing those present. A Heckler stands at the back of the room holding a half full pint glass of beer.

Mr MacFettes. We need further increases in value added tax in order to reduce the fiscal deficit bequeathed to us by the…

Heckler. (Interrupts) Sod the deficit, Mr MacFettes. What’re ye goin’ to do aboot unemployment an’ homelessness?

Mr MacFettes. We shall eliminate unemployment and homelessness.

Murmurs of approval among audience.

Heckler. And how’re ye goin’ to dae that?

Mr MacFettes. If necessary, we shall have the unemployed digging holes, and the homeless living in them.

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Be warned that the original sketch involved a heckler at one of Hitler's meetings in Munich. Heckler: What are you going to do about unemployment, Herr Hitler? Hitler: If necessary we shall have half the unemployed digging holes and the other half filling them in again.

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