Nazi Matchplay

Nazi Matchplay

(2.5m)   by gritt brewer

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Hitler's in the bunker, so is Goebbels too
about a hundred yards from the green, they don't know what to do
the game is on things are tense, neither wants to lose
their lies are bad, it makes them mad, of course they blame the Jews
with a schweinehund of a shot to play
he was not a happy man
said I should not have killed Rommel
he was a expert in the sand
Eva Braun calms Adolph down, says hit a lofted wedge
as a caddy to a baddie, she sure gave him a edge
she tweaked his little mustache, said go and hole it champ
and remember to concentrate, like one of your death camps

he attacked the ball like it was Poland, swung like a maniac
shanked it hit Eva, who screamed as she fell back
seeing her lifeless body, he could not be consoled
he shot and cremated himself, leaving Goebbels in control
left with a dilemma, for his ball was plugged
he asked Magda and his kids, their shoulders simply shrugged
try a soft eight iron, was their half hearted contribution
Goebbels said good naturedly, is that your final solution

he attacked the ball like it was Russia, the results were much the same
the ball didn't move, stayed in the sand, then he started the blame game
used a three wood on his girls, Helmut was dispatched with a putter
and his Big Bertha driver, put paid to his children's mutter
Germany capitulated the very next day
thus ending the inaugural but disastrous Nazi matchplay

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this song is factually correct. folk songs are generally true so this is continuing that proud tradition

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Submitted by Pomi4 on Mon, 11/01/2021 - 12:33
Hello Gritt brewer, I love your writing I have a request to use your story for a short video? if you allow me please. Thanks.
Submitted by gritt brewer on Tue, 11/02/2021 - 03:45
by all means use ahything you want

2.5m Funny Stories - Nazi Matchplay