Castlecomer on my mind

Castlecomer on my mind

(2m)   by gritt brewer

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look at me and you will find Castlecomer on my mind

for it has my heart entwined, Castlecomer on my mind


its where the ragged people dwell, feral wretches plucked from hell

sub human empty shells, what they grunt no one can tell

for they jabber constantly, as they chase along the street

gentle patter of their feet, only stopping to excrete


the tourists drive them wild, for cars have them beguiled

they drool and shyly wave, to be stroked is what they crave

and when approached they react, and lie on the pavement flat

are distraught when they are snubbed, and don't get their bellies rubbed


and when the dinner bell it chimes, its Castlecomer feeding time

lots of eager mouths to feed, the village troughs the place to be

only those with a strong will, have a hearty fill

and its sad to hear the groans, of the feeble gnawing bones


the local doctor is the man, with plenty on his hands

he has pills to sedate, and more to debilitate

for he has to calm the masses, and sterilize the lasses

and later on will mull, over next years cull


see the children as they stare, at the metal birds in the air

arms outstretched, they run around,sad they cant get off the ground

sometimes it can be hell, as they imitate the exhaust fumes as well

sad to see sisters and brothers, setting fire to each other

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dedicated to the people of Castlecomer

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