The Life they could of had

The Life they could of had

(10-30m)   by Jackie Mena

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The Life they could of had (Episode 1) Pilot

Kevin is a devoted man who works at a law firm. He is married to Kira who doesn't have much of the same interests. His parents Dianne and Jerry don't like the fact that their son chose to marry a woman who works at a Ice cream shop called Freezy Creams.

Scene I : Kira is preparing a home cooked meal so when Kevin comes home they can spend their first anniversary together.

Kira is cleaning the living room while she leaves the food unattended. Kevinruns in he has some great news.
Kevin: Hey honey! Guess who called me today?
Kira stops what she is doing
Kira: who?
Kevin: Guess
Kira: your mom
Kevin: Really my mom?
Kira: look hun i'm very busy
shows him
Kevin goes to sit on the couch
Kevin: okay just guess again
Kira: your dad
continues what she is doing. While Kevin is fixated on her.
Kevin: your bad at this game
Kira: oh it was a game? (being sarcastic ) didn't even notice
Kevin : oh forget it ! what's for dinner?
Kira stops what she is doing as she remembers she left the food in the oven to long.
Kira: oh my God dinner!!!
Runs to check on the food only to find it burnt
Kira: uhmm hun
Kevin: yeah
Kira looks up with a worried face
Kira: guess were going out tonight
but just remembers taking the gloves off her hands
Kira: oh shoot honey are your parents coming over for dinner?
Kevin moves away from the couch and walks towards her to the kitchen
Kevin: no if they were you'd think they'd eat it?
Kira laughing
Kira: you're right
Kevin looks at the food as Kira takes it out
Kevin: I guess we can still eat it just scratch the burnt bits off and were good
Kira: hun, the whole chicken is burnt!
Kevin: well i didn't like how it looked anyways
Kira: well, i guess it's your lucky day
Leaning in for a kiss
Kevin: i got a place you'd never forget!

Scene II At the restaurant.

Kira looks around
Kira: oh yeah it's one place i'd never forget that's for sure. Looks like the place got hit by the world war!
Kevin looking around
Kevin: well, were eating here. Trust me the food is good
Kira: yeah that's if there's any left
looking for a place to sit Kevin finds one
Kevin: oh here's a spot
Kira: yeah, any closer and you'd be sitting on the man's lap (indicating the place is to crowded)
Kevin: you'd sure like that wouldn't you?
Nudging her to sit down. Kira goes to sit
Kira: Those days are over.
(both laughing)
Waitress comes in ready to get their order
Waitress: hi welcome to Patty Mcburgers where we have the best-
Kira cuts her off
Kira: yeah yeah we have the best burgers dat da da da da. Where's the menus?
Waitress points to the table
Kira: oh what do you know.
Kevin: She burnt down the house
Waitress: ohh Good to know (leaving)
Kira calling the waitress
Kira: oh .. you forgot to get our orders? She's coming back right?
Kevin: yeah i'm sure of it!
Kira looking at the menu
Kira: that's if you didn't scare her off
Kevin: what?
Kira stops looking at the menu and looks at him
Kira: congratulations you made her leave just like every womnan in your life
Kevin: well, you're still here aren't you?
Kira: That's because i'[m too broke to leave you (smiles)
Kevin: Well, why don't we get a divorce that way youll take half of the money (being sarcastic)
both laugh
Kira thinking
Kira: hey that's not a bad idea

Scene III Back at home. It's two hours later and the parents are trying to see if their still out.
Dianne: Honey! what on earth are you doing?
Jerry looks at her
Jerry: sneaking in
Dianne: the door is open (shows him)
Jerry: who on earth leaves the doors open?
Both go inside to find Kira and Kevin sitting down watching television
Dianne: oh you're home.
Kevin turns off the T.V both look up
Kevin: yeah we came home early
Dianne: but your car isn't parked out front?
Kevin: oh yeah we parked it on the other side of the street
Dianne: why on earth would you do that?
Kevin: Kira wanted too.
Dianne: Well, goodbye
Kevin: Mom, Dad you're not staying?
Jerry: well, we just came to pop in and pop out (chuckling) where's the food?
Kevin: Kira burnt it so we went out to eat
Dianne: ( whispering to jerry) I told you she was a bad cook
Kira: i hear you! (to jerry) I told you they hate me!
Kira and Kevin argue while his parents look around
Dianne: oh here we go again!
Kevin: no they don't! they just need to get use to you
Kira: use to me? ( yelling)
Kevin: oh give it time
Kira gets off the couch
Kia: give it time? it's been 5 years, i'd think they'd be use to me by now!

Dianne: Oh this place is filthy
Kira: I just cleaned it
Dianne: Exactly! ( dianne to kevin) I told you, you should have hired a maid
Kira frustrated and just has had enough
Kira: Okay first of all-
Kevin interrupts her
Kevin: kira!
Kira: no Kevin she needs to hear this, first you think i'm too young then you think i am not right for him now you think i can't cook and clean.
Dianne: now that's obsured!
Kira: Tell me what is it that i can do?
Dianne leans on the table
Dianne : you tell me
Kira: oh so you deny the whole thing?
Dianne: no I just think your out of line
Jerry: Dianne!
Kevin: Kira!
Kira: oh really what line am i crossing now?
Jerry: okay! enough i can't take this anymore, you two are like a bunch of untamed wild animals!
Dianne looks at him
Dianne: hunny! wild animals are untamed!
Jerry: Exactly my point!
okay you want to know the truth so our day can get better?
Dianne: Jerry!
Jerry: she hates you!
Kira: oh yeah now my day is a whole lot better ( being sarcastic)
Jerry: you're welcome!
Dianne: satisfied you've ruined their whole night! ( talking to jerry)
Kevin: now look what you've done
Kira running out of the room
Kevin: i want both of you out by the time i get back!
Kevin running upstairs to the room

Scene IV Kira is in the bedroom crying while Kevin walks in

Kevin: Hey
Kira looks up at him, then back down to the floor
Kira: hey
Kevin goes to sit by her, kira moves over
Kevin: look you know they don't hate you, how to put it in better terms they just don't like you
Kira: oh yeah that helps!
Kevin:look who cares what they have to say, that doesn't matter to me. what matters is we have each other
Kira: muhhmm kevin?
Kevin: yeah
Kira: shut up
(both laugh)
Kevin:Look I've asked about you and they told me things but my mind didn't change i still feel the same, what's a life with no fun?-
cutting him off
Kira: Are those the lyrics from that drake song take care?
Kevin: maybe
look i had it stuck in my head
Kira looks at him
Kevin: i could have wrote those lyrics
Kira looks at him
Kevin: okay! okay, i didn't have time to rehearese yeata yeata yeata
( clears his throat)
Thay ain't seen the things i've seen in you and they can't be the judge cause they don't know what i know-
Once again Kira cuts him off
Kira: okay i'm done! ( leaves the room)
Kevin: oh come on theres some good lyrics in there, you didn't even hear the added part to the song yet
Kira: don't have to ( sings the song)
Kevin runs to her

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Author's Message

This is a funny short play I wrote hope you all enjoy.

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10-30m Sitcoms/Stage Plays - The Life they could of had