The Bojangles

The Bojangles

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Act One Scene One

Ted- Kristy, Get in here you worthless woman!

Kristy- I wasn?t worthless when you married me or when I had 7 of your kids you old


Ted- We got 7 kids???!

Kristy- ?Yes

Ted- Well dang woman! Don?t you know how to keep your legs closed?!

Kristy- With you, Yes... Now what you called me for?

Ted- Oh! Fix me something to eat

Kristy- Who I look like?, Martha Stewart

Ted- No, you look more like Stuart Little

Kristy- You know what!

(Laura enters)

Laura- Hey mom, Hey dad. Arguing again?

Kristy- Laura, How many times do I have to tell you not to sneak up on us like that?

Laura- I?m sorry. I heard something about fixing something to eat and I?m hungry

Kristy- Laura you?re 17 years old you can cook for yourself

Ted- You know your mama is worthless. She have 7 children and too lazy to cook.

Kristy- Maybe. Because I actually work for a living

Ted- What?s that suppose to mean? I have a job.

Kristy- Mowing lawns is not considered a job. It?s a chore.

(Vivian enters)

Vivian- Mom, dad. Just get a divorce

Ted- Vivian, just get a mortgage and move out!

Vivian- I?m only 13

Ted- Good, then you?ve reached puberty

Kristy- Ted! Shut your trap

(Ty enters)

Ty- Can all of you shut your trap! I can?t get any sleep!

Kristy- Don?t you have school or something?? All of you

Laura- Yea in about 30 minutes

Kristy- (To Laura) Then why aren?t your little sisters up yet? You?re the oldest. You

know you?re suppose to have them ready

Laura- Why can?t you? You?re the mom

Kristy- What did you say!

Laura- I said, that?s what I?m about to do mom

Kristy- I thought that?s what you said

(Laura exits)

Ted- Now Kristy, you know it?s against the law to host wild animals in the house

Kristy- Our kids aren?t that bad

Ted- I was talking about you!

(Ty and Vivian laughs)

Kristy- Excuse me

Ted- I mean seriously we should put you in a cage or something!

Kristy- A cage would be better than living with you

Ted- Of course it will, you?ll be with species like you

(Ty and Vivian laughs)

Kristy- You have one more time

Ted- And what you?re gonna do!

Kristy- You want to find out!

Ty- All we need is some popcorn

Vivian- I know this is better than Monday Night Raw

Ty- Better than Hollifield vs. Ali

Kristy-(To Ty and Vivian) Are you two done?

Ty- Don?t stop now, it was really entertaining

Ted- Only entertainment your mom can do is a 4 ring circus

(Vivian and Ty laugh)

Kristy-(To Ty and Vivian) Don?t you two have something you should be doing?

Ty-(Looks at Vivian who is smiling than turns to look at Kristy) Yeah and we?re doing it

Kristy- Go get dressed for school before I send you both to an orphanage!

(Ty and Vivian laugh and then exit)

Ted- Woman! Are you gonna cook??

Kristy- Are you gonna stop being a jerk and actually be a husband

Ted-(thinks) No

Kristy- Then, there you have my answer

Ted- Give me one good reason why I shouldn?t pack your things right now

Kristy- Because I?m the one who pay the bills!!

Ted- (thinks) Okay give me another good reason

Kristy- Because you don?t want me to kill you!

Ted- (rudely) I?m already dead

(Kristy smacks her lips. Laura, Skye, Daisy, Mandy, Maddie, Ty, and Vivian enters)

Laura- Okay, they?re ready

Kristy- Alright, have a good day.

Ted- Yeah, Bye Laura, Ty, Skye, Vivian, Stacy, Kandie, Haddie

Daisy- Dad, my name is Daisy

Mandy- Mandy!

Maddie- And Maddie

Ted- Well ya?ll the new ones I?m still getting use to yall.

Kristy- Hurry, for ya?ll miss the bus. Don?t do drugs!!

Ted- And don?t get pregnant!.....Why you?re looking at me like that woman??!

Kristy- How could you not know your daughters? names?

Ted- I?m old. You ought to be glad I remember your name

Kristy- I thought you were young and hip

Ted- Speaking of hips. Yours is wider than the Amazon River

Kristy- And so is your big mouth!!

Ted- You better be careful woman!

Kristy- Or What!

(Casey and Janice enters)

Casey- Hello, neighbors!

Janice- How ya?ll two lovebirds doing?

Ted- (To Kristy) Didn?t I tell you to lock the doors. You know people just walk in your

house in this neighborhood. (To Janice and Casey) Do you chipmunks ever knock! It?s

early in the morning!

(Janice and Casey look at each other confusingly)

Kristy- Shut up, fool! Hey Casey and Janice. Come on in!

Ted- They already in you idiot!

Janice- (laughs) that?s why I love coming over here ya?ll are so funny!

Casey- Yes they are

Kristy- Well you know Ted, he?s always joking (giggles)

Ted- (rudely) No I wasn?t? They saw their way in so they can see their way out!

Casey make sure you take your orangutan looking wife with you!

(Casey and Janice laugh)

Casey- I love you, Ted. You?re the best!

Ted- Well, I hate you Casey. You?re the worst!

Kristy- Ted, be nice

Ted- I hate you too! And honestly I don?t know who I hate more

(Casey and Janice laughs)

Kristy- Yes, I?m sure that?s why you married me and had 7 kids with me

Ted- I married you because it was either that or go to jail for beating the crap out of you!

And if I would?ve known you were so fertile we wouldn?t have this many kids!

(Casey and Janice laughs. Kristy rolls her eyes)

Janice- Ted, you say the funniest things

Casey- You sure do. You could be a comedian.

Kristy- Ted, you should really start taking your medication. You?re having your fits again

Ted- And you should just get fit again!

Kristy- How about I fit my fist up your hairy little?.

Janice- Whoa, love birds not so much hostility!

Ted- Seriously, why are you two here! Do you need something? Some toilet paper,

ketchup, restraining order?

Casey- We just came to see our friends

Ted- Well you saw us. Goodbye!

Kristy- How did I stay married to you for 20 years, when all you do is elevate my blood


Ted- Well is not like anyone else wanted to marry you.

Janice- Ooh this is getting good

Casey-I know this is why I?m not wasting money on cable

Kristy- Oh please! I bet more men wanted to marry me than women wanted to marry


Ted- Ha!

Janice- This is better than Jerry Springer!

Casey- It?s better than those reality tv shows we watch at your sister house

Ted- Seriously, why are you coons here! Go to your house!!

(Janice and Casey laugh)

Casey- You don?t mean that

Ted- Wanna bet?

Janice- Ohhhh, I get it the love birds want to be alone. Come on, Casey

Casey- Bye guys!

Kristy- Bye Casey and Janice

Janice- Ted?

Ted- See ya

Casey- We?ll be back later

Ted- Well we wont be here

Kristy- Ted! Bye ya?ll have a good day?..(Casey and Janice exit) Why are you so mean

to them?

Ted- Why are you so nice to them? And why are you surprised, I?m mean to you! My

wife is suppose to be mean just like me. It?s in the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Kristy- What school did you go to???

Ted- The same school your mama went to

Kristy- How many times do I have to tell you to stop talking about my mother like


Ted- You can tell me 50 million times. I?m still going to speak my mind?

Kristy- I don?t say anything about your mother who mustache is thicker than your


Ted- Woman, Don?t make me slap you!

Kristy- Try It! And I?ll bet I?ll destroy all your playboy magazines!

Ted- You?re not that crazy. Because then I?ll beat the life out of you

Kristy- Is that a threat??

Ted- Threat, Promise, Warning. Call it what you want I mean what I say!

Kristy- Oooh I?m so scared of you with your bad back and arthritis

Ted- At least I?m not going through menopause!! And by the way, my back is quite good


Kristy- Ha!

(Awkward silence)

Ted- Are you going to fix me something to eat?

Kristy- Sure, I?m going to fix enough for the kids too when they get home

Ted- Forget them, they eat at school!

Kristy- Ted!!!! That?s just selfish

Ted- Ooh fish that sounds nice. Yeah I?ll love some fish for my self.

Kristy- Ugh, heaven help me

End of Act One Scene One

Act One Scene Two

Laura- Hey mom and dad!

Ty- Something smells good!

Skye- Sure does!

Ted- Wait, it?s only 3 of you. Where?s Vivian, Tracy, Sandy, and Pattie.

Ty- Um, dad we?re in high school, we get out before them and it?s Daisy, Mandy, and

Maddie. Dang, dad Do you have Alzheimer Disease?

Ted- I?m too young to have that boy.

Skye- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where?s the food?

Laura- In the kitchen, duh. Let?s Go!

Kristy- Wait, didn?t you get your report cards today?

Laura- I got straight A?s as usual

Skye- Me too

Kristy- That?s wonderful! I?m so proud of you.

(Skye and Laura smile)

Ted- You nerds! I mean you?ll never get a guy being that smart.

Kristy- Ted!!!..Good job girls. Now go eat dinner.

(Ty begans to walk away slowly)

Kristy- Hold it, What did you get Ty?

Ty- 4 F?s and 3 D?s

Ted- That?s my boy (Hi-5 him)

Kristy- Ted! Are you serious? 4 F?s and 3 D?s is not acceptable!

Ted- That means he?s a man. He needs to worry about girls not school

Ty- Thank you dad (Hi 5?s him)

Kristy- No, that means he?s grounded! No cell phone and no girls for 2 weeks

Ty- Dad!

Ted- Boy just go eat dinner before it gets cold. Arguing with your mom is like arguing

with a parked car!

Kristy- I can?t believe you sometimes. You?re a bad influence. All you have is one son

and what you want him to cut grass like you!

Ted- Woman, don?t test me right now.

(Vivian and Daisy enters)

Vivian- Hey mom and dad.

Daisy- Hey. Ooh something smells good!

Ted- Wait, where?s Randy and Nattie

Daisy- We?re in junior high, we get out before them

Vivian- Yea, and dad it?s Mandy and Maddie

Ted- Who is that?

Daisy- The twins. Your daughters

Ted- Oh, well just get in there and eat before your sisters and brother eat it all. And save

some for Andy and Addie.

(They look confused)

Kristy- Don?t worry eventually he?ll run out of letters and get it right

(Cassie enters)

Cassie Metlock- Hey is Laura and Skye here?

Ted- Do anybody knock in this neighborhood? Kristy how many times do I have to say

lock the door?!

Laura- Hey Cassie

Skye- What?s up

Cassie- Nothing much, just came over to hang out with you guys. Want to go to the mall?

Laura- Mom can I go?

Kristy- Sure, my straight A daughters

Skye- Yes! Be back later!

Cassie- Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Bojangles

Kristy- Bye sweetie

(Cassie, Skye and Laura exit)

Ted- Now lock the door woman!

Kristy- Okay (moves toward the door and then Nick enters)

Nick Duberry- What?s up Mrs. Bojangles?.Mr. Bojangles. Is Ty here? We?re suppose to

play video games after school

Ted- Well he does live here

Kristy- Shutup, Ted. Ty is grounded Nick. I?m sorry.

Ty- Mom, dad talk to your woman! It?s just video games. All she said was no cell phone

and girls

Ted- He got you there

Kristy- Fine, but only 1 hour

Nick- Thanks, Mrs. Bojangles

Ted- Now hurry up for someone else walk in (Kristy starts back at the door and before

she closes it Rebbie barges in)

Rebbie- Hey Mr and Mrs. Bojangles. Where?s Vivian and Daisy?

Kristy- They probably went to their room. They should be done eating

Rebbie- Alright, Thanks.

Ted- Now lock the door!

Kristy- Alright Ted (Kristy locks the door)

Ted- Next, Casey and Janice gone walk in! People are rude around here.

Kristy- Ted, you really need to relax.

Ted- How could I with all these people here? It?s overcrowded!!

(Knock, Knock)

Ted- Oh lord, who is that now?? Let me get it so I can get rid of them (opens door) Sorry

we don?t want any girl scout cookies (slams door)

Kristy- Ted, that?s Mandy and Maddie!

Ted- Who?

Kristy- The twins, our daughters

Ted- Oops! (opens door) Why you didn?t tell me you two live here?

Maddie- Because you slam the door in our faces! (Maddie and Mandy enters)

Ted- Good point, Mandy. See I said it right that time.

Maddie- Yes, but I?m Maddie.

Mandy- I?m Mandy

Ted- What?s the difference between you two?

Maddie- Dad, we?re not identical.

Ted- But I thought you were twins?

Kristy- Girls, go warm up your dinner in the kitchen

Ted- Wow, how old are they?

Kristy- 9. Ted you?re scaring me.

Nick- Well, I?m about to be out Mr. and Mrs.Bojangles. I?ll catch you later Ty.

Ty- Ight son


Kristy- Bye Nick

Nick- Later shawty, Oh Mrs. Bojangles in about 4 years, holla at ya boy (winks at Kristy)

Kristy- (laughs) I will definitely holla

Ted- In 4 years she?ll look worse than what she do now

Kristy- Shutup Ted!

Nick- Ight, holla Mr.B (holds his hand out to Ted but Ted ignores him)

Ted- Where does that kid come from?

Kristy- Its slang you old coop!

Ted- I?m younger than you

Kristy- Oh you wish!

(Knock, Knock)

Ted- Can we not have company for a few minutes?! Don?t tell me we have more kids

who live here!

Kristy- Ted, read a book or watch some tv

(Opens the door and Casey and Janice enters)

Kristy- Oh, hi Casey and Janice you?re back

Ted- I?ll be in the room

Kristy- Ted!

Vivian- Hey Mr. and Mrs. Franklin

Daisy- Hi

Rebbie- Sup

Janice- Hey girls, Aww you get bigger everytime I come over

Vivian- But you?re here everyday

Kristy- Vivian!

Rebbie- Well, I?m about to go home now. See you later, Vivian..Daisy

Vivian and Daisy- Bye!

Daisy- (looks around)Where?s dad?

Kristy- In the room.

Vivian- With any luck he?ll stay in there

Ty- Oh, hey Mr. and Mrs. Franklin

Casey- Well if it isn?t the man of the house

Ty- Well yes, yes I am

Janice- He is so cute Kristy

Vivian and Daisy- Ewww

Daisy- Ty is not cute, Van Diesel is cute

Ty- Yeah right. I got more girls than Van Diesel.

Daisy- Anyways, that?s our cue to leave. Come on Vivian!

Ty- And I am cute by the way, you player haters!

Daisy- Sure

(Vivian and Daisy exit)

Ty- I?m going back in my room

(Ty exits)

Janice- Where is the twins?

Maddie- We?re right here

Casey- Hey Maddie and Mandy!!

(gives them a big hug)

Janice- We brought you guys something

Mandy- Chocolate!

Maddie- Shia LeBeouf!

Janice- No, a dollar

Casey- 50 cent each

Mandy and Maddie- Yay! (sarcastically)

Mandy to Maddie- Cheap losers

(Maddie giggles)

Maddie- Thank you

Mandy- Thanks

Janice- You?re welcome darlings

Casey- Our pleasure

(Mandy and Maddie exits)

Laura- Hey, mom.We?re back!

Kristy- Hey did you girls have fun at the mall

Skye- Sure did. We seen some fine boys in there

Ted- You seen what!

Skye and Laura- Nothing!

(Skye and Laura run off)

Casey- Hey Ted, we were looking for you

Ted- How convenient? Kristy get rid of these fools. I?m going for a ride and when I get

back they better be gone

Janice- He?s hilarious, girl. You have a keeper.

Kristy- So why exactly are you here?

Casey-Well, you know how Ted is always pranking us on our birthdays. Well since his is

coming up, I?ve got a brilliant idea!

Kristy- I like the way you think

Janice- Oh girl, you?re going to love it

Casey- I can?t wait to see his face

Kristy- Ooooh spill!

(Janice and Casey quietly talk about the idea, scene ends with Kristy smiling in approval)

End Of Act One Scene Two

Act Two Scene One

Ted- Oh thank God, you got rid of those 2 fools. It?s about time you did something right

Kristy- Uh huh sure is

Ted- What did they want this time?

Kristy- They wanted to know what we were doing for your birthday

Ted- Oh. I don?t know what we?re doing but I?m going out and celebrate with people my


Kristy- Oh, so you?re going to a nursing home?

Ted- Haha funny?. Whatever I do it doesn?t involve my wife or the Frankensteins

Kristy- You mean the Franklins

Ted- Woman, who side are you on?

Kristy- Theirs, if my husband doesn?t want to spend his birthday with me

Ted- Alright Alright, I?ll spend a few hours with you

Kristy- Thank you honey (hugs Ted)

Ted- Ewww you touch me

Kristy- I know I?m going to go take a shower

(Kristy exits, All the Bojangles kids enter)

Laura- What?s up Dad

Ted- I don?t know maybe that ceiling up there

Ty- Dad, to say you like to pretend you?re not over 40 you sure don?t keep up with the

latest dialect

Ted- I?m surprise you know what dialect is with your grades

Ty- Hey, those teachers are failing me. They want to keep me there because they want me

Skye- You think every girl and woman wants you

Ty- Do you have a reason why I shouldn?t?

Skye- Get over yourself!

Vivian- So dad, what are you doing for your birthday?

Ted- Ugh! Do I have to answer that question all day?

Daisy- How old are you going to be this year? 21?

Ted- Um, my actual age of 35

(They all laugh except for Ted)

Ty- Dad, seriously you?re in deep denial

Ted- Denial is a river and I?m not in it

(They all laugh except Ted)

Mandy- Good one Dad

Maddie- You?re so funny

Ted- Why are ya?ll around me?

Laura- We want to bond with you dad

Ted- Why? Go bond with Kristy

Ty- In the shower? That?s incest!

(They all laugh except for Ted)

Vivian- Besides, her birthday isn?t tomorrow

Skye- Do you love us dad?

Laura- Do you love mom?

Ted- I love for ya?ll to not get on my last nerves

(Mandy starts crying)- So you don?t love us

(Maddie begins crying)

Ted- Now that gets on my nerves. Shutup! (Maddie and Mandy stops crying)

Ty- So do you love us?

Daisy- And do you love mom?

Ted- If I didn?t love you I wouldn?t be putting up with this. Or letting you live here

Laura- Awwww? Group hug (They all hug him)

Ted- That is exactly why I don?t say it. I?m not an affectionate person

Ty- But you have 7 kids

Laura- So back to Daisy and I question. Do you love mom?

Ted- Well your mom and I have a love/hate relationship

Daisy- Are you in love with her?

Ted- You all should really be lawyers because ya?ll love interrogating.

Daisy- Just answer the question

Ty- Yeah be a man

Ted- How about you be a man and get out of junior high!

Ty- Now that was cold

Daisy- Stop changing the subject! Are you in love with mom?

Ted- Yes I?m in love with her. Now don?t ever make me say that again. Your mom might

hear it

Laura- Awwwww

Vivian- That?s so sweet

Ted- I hate you

(They all laugh except Ted)

Daisy- You should tell mom how you feel

Ted- I already did.. On our wedding night

Laura- That was 20 years ago!

Daisy- Exactly!

Skye- You haven?t told her since then?

Ted- Look here, I?ve been with her for 20 years that says more than words!

Vivian, Skye, Daisy, Mandy, Maddie- Awwwww

Ty- Play on Player!

Laura- Come on ya?ll let?s go to my room and prepare for dad?s birthday tomorrow

Skye- Later Dad

(Everyone exit except for Ted)

Ted- How did I get into this?

End Of Act Two Scene One

Act Two Scene Two

Kristy- Happy birthday honey

Ty- Happy birthday, Dad

Vivian- Happy Birthday

Laura- Happy Birthday

Skye- Happy Birthday

Daisy- Happy Birthday

Mandy and Maddie- Happy Birthday dad

Kristy- How do you feel?

Ted- Good as dead

Ty- Looks like he?s over pretending to be young (The kids all laugh including Kristy)

Ted- No I?m over all this affection

Cassie- Happy birthday Mr.Bojangles

Rebbie- Oh right, Happy Birthday

Nick- Mr. B. Happy day of birth

Ted- How did ya?ll get in here

Kristy- They?re here for your birthday Ted

Ted- So what you guys get me?

Kristy- I?m saving my present for last. Kids you go first

Laura- I got you this coin. It says #1 dad

(hands it to Ted)

Ted- Thanks Laura

Vivian- I got you this dollar.

Skye- I made you a card

Daisy- I made a card too

(they hand it to Ted)

Ted- Thanks girls

Ty- I got you this list on how to be cool and hip

Ted- Thank you

Mandy and Maddie- We got you hugs!

Ted- Ummm, don?t worry about that one

Kristy- Ted!!!

Ted- Just kidding. Come here you two! (they hug)

Well, Kristy

Kristy- Umm

(Casey and Janice enters)

Casey- Hey Ted, Happy Birthday

Janice- How do you feel?

Ted- I feel like I?m about to go off? What are you two idiots doing here?! I knew I

shouldn?t have agreed to stay here.

Casey- Oh really then I guess you wouldn?t be interested in the big news Kristy have to

tell you

Ted- Please don?t tell me you?re pregnant again. Seriously get your tubes tied!

Kristy- No that isn?t it! You?re not going to believe it. Kids go to your room for a minute

Vivian- Awww

(All the other kids in unison)- Awwww

Laura- Why can?t we hear?

Kristy- It?s only for a few minutes. You?ll know soon.

Skye- We always miss the action!

Ty- Well speak up! So we can hear you from back there

Laura- Come on, Let?s go to my room

(The kids exit)

Ted- So, what?s the big news?

Kristy- Look, honey we hit the lottery!

(They all jump up and down in excitement, Kristy hands the ticket to Ted. The kids all

run and out and began dancing and chanting we?re rich)

Ted- We won!!! Oh my gosh we really won!! This is the best birthday ever!!!

Kristy- I know honey. Isn?t this great??!

Ted- Yes it is?. You know what I want a divorce! I?m free! Forget you! I don?t even

know why I married you, maybe because I felt sorry for you I don?t know.

Kristy- What!!!

Ted- And you want to know what else I pinch you while you sleep at night

Kristy- That?s what those bruises are!!!!

Ted- You darn right it is!!

Casey- Look Ted, you might want to know..

Ted- You shutup too, you want to know something else me and your wife been having an

affair for the past 2 years

(The kids all gasp)

Casey- What????!!!! (Looks at Janice, she runs off, Kristy starts crying)

(Ted picks up the phone) I hope you?re calling the ambulance because you?re going to

need one!

Ted- Shutup!! Hey boss, guess what I quit, I hit the lottery oh and I hope you choke on a

chicken bone you fat lump of nothing! Oh and I spit in your coffee every morning. Mow

those lawns yourself maybe you?ll lose some weight, you big piece of pork!!! I?m rich


Kristy- I can?t believe you!!!!!!

Ted- Well believe it. I?m rich!

Kristy- It?s a fake ticket you scumbag!!!!

Ted- What???!!!

Casey- It was a birthday prank!

Kristy- Yeah!!

Ted- Oh snap!

End of Act Two Scene Two

And Scene

Part 2

The Bojangles Part 2

Ted Bojangles Janice Franklin

Kristy Bojangles Casey Franklin

Laura Bojangles Cassie Metlock

Ty Bojangles Nick Duberry

Skye Bojangles Rebbie Roach

Vivian Bojangles Varonica Taylor

Daisy Bojangles Ericka Taylor

Mandy Bojangles Trisha Williams

Maddie Bojangles

Act 3 Scene One

(knock at the door)

Kristy- Who can this be? It better not be Janice because I swear I?m going to knock her


(opens door)

Kristy- Hey, Varonica, Hey Ericka. I haven?t seen you since you were little

Ericka- Hey, Mrs.Bojangles (hugs Kristy)

Kristy- Come in.

Varonica- Girl you look beat. Have you been sleeping?

Kristy- Hardly.

Varonica- Ericka, why don?t you go hangout with Laura and nem

Ericka- Okay

(Ericka exits)

Varonica- So, Where your low down husband at? He lucky I left my mace and my

pocketknife at home! How dare he cheat on you with your neighbor who be at your house


Kristy- (laughs) Girl you are still as crazy as I remember

Varonica- Crazy is my middle name. I invented it! I was crazy before Britney Spears.

So, do you want me to call somebody to kill him because you know I got Pookie on

speed dial!

Kristy- (sadly) No

Varonica- Now you gone have to cheer up! Girl it?s over. Now lets rob him blind!

Kristy- We have 7 kids. I gave him 20 years of my life. I knew Ted wasn?t the greatest

man on earth but I thought deep down inside he loved me and wouldn?t do anything to

hurt me.

Varonica- Uh uh. I know what you need. You need to go out. I mean everything in this

house is only going to remind you of Ted. Let me take you out.

Kristy- I don?t think so.

Varonica- Come on girl. Ted is a jerk! I don?t know why you married that arrogant dog

anyways. Now, let?s go. You need to have some fun.

Kristy- What about the kids?

Varonica- They can watch themselves!

Kristy- Kids!!! Come here for a minute!

(Laura, Ty, Skye, Vivian, Daisy, Mandy, Maddie, Cassie, Rebbie, and Ericka enters)

Laura- Yes, mom

Kristy- I?m going out with Varonica for awhile. Are yall gonna be okay?

Laura- Of course. You have fun.

Kristy- Thanks Laura. I?ll be back before 10.

Laura- Okay

Kristy- See you later

Laura, Ty, Skye, Vivian, Daisy, Mandy, Maddie, Cassie, Rebbie, and Ericka- Bye!

Laura- Have fun!

(Varonica and Kristy exit)

Vivian- Yay! We?re home alone! What are we gonna do?

Laura- We?re going to our boyfriends? houses, duh!

Vivian, Daisy, Skye, Cassie, and Rebbie- Yay! (they all start calling their boyfriends)

Ty- Ewwww

Laura- Don?t worry. You can invite all your little girlfriends over.

Ty- Ooh. Party over here! Have fun! (starts sending a text)

Mandy- What are me and Maddie going to do? We don?t have boyfriends.

Maddie- Yea!!

Laura- You can come too. I?ll drop you two off at Chuck E. Cheese.

Maddie- Yay!

Mandy- Thank you, Laura. This is going to be so much fun!

Laura- Ok well come on. We have to get back before 10. Ty, if we happen to be late

cover for us. And don?t do nothing I wouldn?t do.

Ty- So, that pretty much means I can do everything

Laura- Shutup! Just don?t bring any girls in your room. Deal (holds out her hand)

Ty- Deal (shakes Laura hand)

Laura- Be back!

Ty- Holla.

Ericka- You know, I think I?m going to stay with Ty.

Laura- You don?t want to go to your boyfriend?s house?

Ericka- Nah, we had a fight.

Laura- Oh, well. Alright. Keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn?t take advantage of

any girl in here.

Ericka- You don?t have to worry about that Laura.

Laura- Okay, bye!

Vivian, Daisy, Skye- Bye

Mandy and Maddie- Bye

Ty and Erica- Bye!

(Laura, Vivian, Daisy, Cassie, Rebbie, Mandy, and Maddie exit)

Ty- Let me guess. You want me to invite Nick.

Ericka- Ooh could you! I haven?t seen him in forever

Ty- Don?t worry shawty. I?ll call him for you. (Calls Nick) Ericka?s over here and she

want to see you?..5 minutes?. Ight cool. (Hangs up).. He said he?ll be here in 5


Ericka- Thanks Ty. You?re awesome!

Ty- I know.

(Knock at the door, Ty opens it and Trisha enters)

Trisha- Hey baby!

Ty- Whats up boo

(Ty hugs Trisha really tight, Ericka is surprised she?s black)

Ericka- Your girlfriend is black!

Trisha?Do you have a problem with that? Oh, what you was expecting a blond-haired,

blue-eyed girl to walk in??!

Ericka- Ummmm, kinda

Trisha- Look don?t get an attitude with me boo. You don?t know me!

Ty- Trisha! This is my friend Ericka. My mom?s best friend daughter.

Trisha- Uh-huh. Yea whatever. Why is she here? I thought you was here by yourself.

Ty- I thought I was too but I called Nick over for her. So, we kinda double dating. You

don?t mind do you.

Trisha- Yeah? But I guess I can make an acception for you.

Ty- That?s

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